the rise of Chica

I investigate the disappearance of my brothers. only to find their killer, William Afton. I have to really survive Five nights At Freddy's now. I'm the night guard and sister of the three missing children. Afton has hid something from us. but not from me


1. the prologue: the labyrinth of corridors ( rise of foxy)

I hurdle down the labyrinth of corridors. I wanted to shout for help, from my two brothers, but I can't. they are gone, and I can't get them back. they're dead, their last shout of defiance still ringing in my ears. the night guard, I thought, tears streaming down my cheeks. the night guard is the killer. he killed my brothers. and now he'll kill me. I knew where to hide. Pirates cove, where my favorite animatronic, Foxy, stood behind the purple lace curtain, hidden from the world. from the night guard. I race towards Pirate cove. if foxy was alive, he would protect me, swinging his hook, flashing his sharp teeth. if only he protected my brothers. Oh what will I tell my sister? that's if I ever make it out alive.

at last, I reach the room. it was dark, the out of order sign in front of the stage. I scramble under the curtain, and look into Foxy's eyes. I didn't hear him coming, didn't hear the knife being drawn, but felt it go in. I collapse, blood weeping from the wound, pooling around me. Foxy leaned over me, as if he wanted to help. I stare up into his silver eyes. "well, Foxy," I say in a barely audible voice. "it's just you and me now," the legs of the puppet was the last thing I saw. I felt the drag of death, but something stronger pulled me, then pushed me. the cold fingers of death lost their grip.

And I woke.


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