I get you.

She sits there crying, and he just looks at her from a far, until he makes a move that will forever change his life.


1. Noah

There is a girl sitting in the middle of the football field, crying. "Why so I have to live this way?" She asks the open air. I can see her from where I am standing by the bleachers. Just about a year ago I was doing the same thing, in the exact same spot. A junior ( now a senior), named Josh, had come up to me and helped me through my strugles. Now josh is talking to me like I am listening, when I am staring at a girl in a field, crying. I now relize I have to be Josh, but to her. "I have to do something." I say to josh out of the blue. Pushing past him I approach the girl who is crying, in the middle of the field.

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