Wild Ones

People always thought that werewolves were the only shifters in the world. Well, they're wrong. Hi, I'm Emma and I'm a Snow Leopard Shifter. I'm one of the last Snow Leopard shifters to walk the earth and I'm about to start my freshman year at an all shifter school. If people think normal school is hard, wait till you go to a shifter school. But enough about that why don't you take a peek at my life and see just how hard it is for yourself.


1. I Don't Wanna

"EMMA ROSE IRWIN GET YOUR BUTT DOWN HERE BEFORE I GET THE BUCKET OF ICE WATER!" My brother Ashton yelled from down stairs. I stuffed my face under my pillow falling back asleep when my brother dumps ice cold water on me and giggles.

"YOU ASSHOLE IM GOING TO KILL YOU!" I yelled as he fell to the floor laughing.

"Hey! Watch your language young lady!" He said as he stood up from the floor brushing himself off.

"Grrrr, what do you need from me at 6:30 IN THE MORNING!" I yelled as I looked at my alarm clock on my bedside table.

"Don't tell me you forgot? It's your first day of high school!"

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!" I yell as I faceplant onto my beanbag chair in the corner of my room. 

"Not so fast little sis you need to get up and get dressed before i make you go to school in your scooby doo PJ's" he said with a chuckle....






Sorry for it being so short but I swear The other chapters will be longer. I hope you all are excited for this story!


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