Lily Anna's Covers

Well the title is pretty self explanatory...
This is a cover store!

All covers are made using photos or graphics under the CC0 license (i.e. copyright free/public domain stuff) or are my own ( in that case © Lily Anna 2018)


1. Intro + Form


Yes, this is a cover store and no you don't have to pay!

All I ask is that you're polite and patient (+ don't claim it as your own work obviously) :)

I've had a couple of cover stores over the years so I've had quite a lot of experience making covers for people and using editing software (sound like I'm writing a CV haha) and I pretty much take all requests. I could probably have a go at banners and other graphics (just let me know in the comments.) 

Of course if I ever have an issue with what you've asked for I'll let you know!

For some examples go to the next page.


If you would like a cover made for you all you have to do is fill in the form below-



Link (if it's published):

Any ideas you have:

Anything else:


That's it! Ask away in the comments.

Any queries or questions let me know.


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