Who is writing my future?

Dreams don't come true unless you give up everything for it.
If you can understand what I am trying to say
If you can understand how I am feeling
Then you will know what I mean
But he won't understand.


1. Who is writing my future?

Is this true 

Or am I still dreaming?

How am I used to 

The tears always streaming 


Where I see us 

Hanging togeher

There being no rush 

In all kinds of weather

Helping each other and 

Understanding both of our needs

But then one day 

I have a dream 

Where we are split up 

And I am screaming 

Because I can't deal with the pain 

I am left drained 

I cannot contain 

The pain of no gain. 


I am on fire 

I have no backup 

Everything just backfired 

My friends 

My family 

And you. 

This is what is cutting through

My arm 

My heart 

My feelings and 

My emotions 


Anger, fustration and depression 

All playing with my confession 

I am stuck 

with no body to help 

This is how I am used 

To all those tears streaming.


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