Little, adopted, sister

Min Yoongi's parents adopted a young American girl when he was a teen. Now she is in highschool and has to deal with fans of Yoongi who want her money and her brother's body. (Ew) she then has to care for bts for a week after their performance in the 2019 BBMAs. And some unexpected "friendships" are made.


1. They are coming.

I was cleaning the kitchen of my adopted family's resturaunt with my adopted mother. (Sorry idk what mother is in Korean!) we were just talking about the guys. My brother is none other than Min Yoongi, a member of bts. All of the girls who are "friends" with me just want him and his money. That's why I love today, it's the weekend! That also means the guys are at the 2019 BBMAs. When I say the guys I mean bts.

I have only met then once before when I was like 10. But I have to take care of them for a little bit after they get back to Korea.

When I met them they said I looked a lot different. And I was like yah no duh, I'm adopted. If you see me in the streets, you would be shocked. I am from the US and I don't know how I got here, but I did.

As we finished up, me and mother went upstairs to her and Oppa's house above the resturaunt. It had been a hard day of serving ARMYs and just normal people, so mother almost jumped on the coutch. We talked about how Yoongi and the guys would be at my apartment for the week, and that mother and Oppa can visit whenever. We then watch the guys get their award, again. We also cheer for them while they dance to their new song.

After, I kiss mother on the cheek and say bye to Oppa and go back to my apartment (yes I live away from there just to get prepared for adulthood). I get the place ready as the guys will be here tomarrow.

I then lay in bed on my MacBook after doing my night routen, and I watch videos on YouTube. I fall asleep to the sound of the rain outside, as I think about how my day will go tomarrow.

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