A story that I'm gonna write :) please comment


1. Oakville: Background History

In a little town of Hummingbird there's a place called oakville now oakville is a very beautiful place to live in everyone is friendly there and they have a wonderful community where they do parties, events, and town meetings. Oakville was found by John W. Oakville and he would travel back and fourth when he was traveling since he loved the valley of oakville so much he decided to settle down and turn the valley into Oakville County. He married and had two daughters named Charlotte and Ella, Charlotte was the eldest in the family while Ella was the youngest in the family. Charlotte was born on March 14, 1899, and Ella was born on May 4, 1901 they were beautiful babies when they were born and they grew up to be the most kindest people in the world. Now many of you are asking what happened to their mother well for starters her name was Elizabeth and she died in a drowning accident when Ella was a baby and the family was sad and devastated so John did the best he could too raise his two daughters and Elizabeth's death was mysterious and sad. Now since you know of the founders backstory lets just say that the folks celebrate Oakville Day and Oakville Day is a very special day for the people who live there they have carnivals, rides, games, and lots of entertainment for the whole family to enjoy and tourists come every year to come take a look at Oakville and some people move from their hometown so that they can come and live here and our story begins about a girl who lives in a orphanage and goes on an adventure but that is another story to tell. 


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