The Kringe..Book 5

As a, new door opens a forgotten past and new Sam has found some things back is his old hut remembering a lost skeleton. Fox island awakens back to an unknown clue of midnight. The reaper, is never found..where is Sam?


1. Fox Island..

AS., a forgottten mistake a, new life began an even more ️life of sam, the best he ever been.. Waking up.. In the woods affar.. Sam could see the only relaxing thing he. Thought he be in.

The, woods surrounded him, a great and wonderful day. Yet the whole day seemed filled with great and, more hellish things..

As if he forgotten the past, new ghost come in, and the screams and whispers opened his 

Eyes, he was surely calm and rested great and, nestled..

Suddenly the whole woods was apart of an island. Nestled deep ago.. The hut was gone where has it gone?

Soon the scariest story was yet to come to life..

More haunting and more daunting lost clues and a very Keepy story, with twists and lost secrets..

Soon sam will discover his missing wish long ago he, had always thought his own self was trully in hell. guessing  wondering or maybe, just looking.. He finallly sat i the calm,

Night air.things awfully familiar.

Soon, he will find his ️️true and wonderful, horrors of some kind of skeliton...

The one eye he thought was missing, and the hut.. As he said in his voice creeping back up again..

" I know the, first things...aside the rest was this way I feel"... It would feel strange now, it would be strange trying to figure live out.....SAMs minds as captivated and seeing new things new sights...

The new and the grey things and good unbetween, the things that crippled and stick too, were still in and out...

Looking for future Sam would look and remeber just some of things not all.. Fore shadowing something was just appealing from last to that..

Looking in that place the evil was, just lurking in a new way!.. Presently in outside of his home.... To him it was new to the old it was outside however it was news, thing awry time was sitting there be new wonderful and scray and unexplainable too.

Sam looked and then he saw his hut, and future wasn't that grim, but not for surely was this for his life was still in a place off  nightmare.....

The next way could be dream or a sequence were just wake up and was dream.... Hoping was maybe it was...




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