Just little dreams I have that need to be shared. RATED M so innocent cinnamon rolls, stay away


2. Annette x Ares: Part 2

He didn't want to wake her so he unlocked his door and went back to the car to get Annette. he carried her in the door, to his guest bedroom, and softly laid her on the bed. Then he went to the kitchen and made her his homemade recipe to drink for hangovers. After he left the drink on the nightstand and went to get her belongings from the car.

Ares went back inside and accidentally dropped her phone as he was approaching the guest bedroom. He sat at the foot of the bed, making sure not to wake her and thought of finding some kind of relative he could contact for her. He remembered Annette telling him as she was ranting that she really loved odd numbers, and her favorite was nine. He tried a few combinations with that information and was able to open her phone. He was about to go to contacts, but he saw that there was already an app pulled up.

He realized quickly that he was on Discord and was curious about what she would use Discord for. He found that nearly all the servers she joined were about people being tied up in all kinds of provocative positions, waiting to be fucked by another. There were some who were fully tied with ropes, some who were being played with using vibrators, and even some who were in something like a swing. But her favorite seemed to be the ones where they person's hands were handcuffed above their head and they were blindfolded whilst the other person did as they please to them. And one server he went to, he noticed all the channels were muted except one. It was the one with this certain position that people were in. There was a girl being pinned to the wall, the guy holding her up and her legs wrapped around him. In all the pictures the people were always making out.

As Ares was scrolling through the photos, Annette started to stir. She was pretty drowsy still and had a slight headache, but felt a lot more sober. She saw the drink first and practically chugged it because her throat was dry. Then she saw Ares sitting at the foot of her bed with her phone in his hand. Her first thought was 'oh no, what app did I leave open. Hopefully not Chrome or that wouldn't be good'. She calmed herself down and coughed a little to get Ares' attention

"Hey sleepyhead, are you feeling any better now?" he asked. She was about to respond, but she noticed his voice sounded different, more sultry-like. Almost as if he was ever so slightly turned on.

"Y-yeah, um where am I exactly," she asked, "and why do you sound like that?"

"You're in my guest bedroom. You were passed out in the car so I carried you in so you could sleep some more," he chuckled, "and how do I sound different?"

"Oh... that makes sense actually," she laughed, "and you're voice sounds like you just saw something you really liked or really want to do"

"Well, you wouldn't be wrong there. I was getting ready to look for someone you could contact when this showed up," he showed her the Discord servers, "I had no idea you were into these types of things." He smiled as she flushed red. He loves to see her flustered. 

"I- I can explain, I um..., well...," she stands and stammers over her words

Ares starts to walk over to her, phone in hand smirking. As he goes up to her, she starts backing towards a wall and eventually she has no more space to back up. He puts the phone down and his arms on both sides of her, palms against the wall. He leans in towards her face until their noses are less than an inch apart. "I can make all your fantasies a reality. I've gotten all the information I need, I just need to know if you want it" he says in a deep, husky voice. He starts to gently move his hand from her shoulder, down the side of her body, until he got to her leg which he lifted up as if they were already halfway into her favorite position. She shuddered in anticipation and he tilts her head upward, forcing her to look up into his deep, lustful eyes. "Do you want this?" he repeats.

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