Journey with me



Chapter 1

"Don't overreact Em. It's just a score." Lucas says biting into his sandwich.

"Don't overreacted?! I got a D!" I say slamming down onto the table.

Usually I'm not one to freak out over grades, but this? Like I could've done better. This was is science which was my easiest subject!

My fist lands on the ketchup packet and it opens and it shoots towards Lucas.

He springs out of his chair ketchup dripping down his shirt.

"EM!" He says glaring at me.

I hold my laughter back "I'm so sorry." I say grabbing a napkin. I dab it on his shirt a small laugh escaping my mouth "this is so not funny." He unconvincingly says.

"There." I say throwing away the napkin. He tries not to look down at the dark ketchup stain on his shirt.

"Thanks. I guess." He says sarcastically.

"Hey Emily." Meg says sitting down.

"What happened to Lucas?" She says bursting out in laughter.

"He looks like he just saw a dead cat." She says eyeing the ketchup on his shirt.

"Anyways. What is your score?"!she says focusing her attention back to me.

"I got a flipping D!" I say throwing my hands up.

"Watch it! I don't want mustard on me too." He says glaring at his shirt still.

"You got a D!" Meg looks surprised.

"Yep. And worse part is, I have been studying like all week!" I say

"Ok, well um, Lucas your kind of ruining my vibe with your glaring and stuff." Meg says looking disgusted at the stain on his shirt.

"I'm out. I'll see you guys at your soccer game." He says swinging his backpack over his shoulder.

I roll my eyes "ok so what did you get?" I ask Meg, secretly hoping she did worse.

"87%." She says with a big bright smile.

"Your ruining my vibes now." I joke around.

She laughs, "good luck at your game, I'm not making it today, violin lessons." She says frowning.

"Is fine." I say throwing away he rest d my lunch.

"Bye!" I say walking away to my 4 period.

She waves and turns back around chatting away with some other girl already.

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