The Proposal

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  • Published: 5 Dec 2018
  • Updated: 5 Dec 2018
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River and the Doctor are destined to be married, how else would River know the Doctor's name?

What happens when River refuses to say yes to the Doctor's proposals of marriage? Will she finally cave in and say yes?

(One shot)


1. The Proposal

He had asked her in Manhattan, right before the angels took Amy and Rory. All River had done was to continue to stare at the angels, she never said anything to the Doctor on bended knee with a ring box in his hand. 

            Later when they got back to the Tardis he leaned up against the console and stared at her as she walked around, still in shock from the death of her parents. 

“So, you never answered my question. Will you marry me?” River looked up at him and stared, all while shaking her head. 

“No, I won’t marry you,” She blurted out before storming off into the depths of the Tardis. Only returning to the console room nearly a week later demanding that he take her back to prison. 


“I’ll take you back if you marry me.” The Doctor said with a smile causing River to roll her eyes and cross her arms. 

“Alright, didn’t really want to go back to Stormcage anyway,” she retreats back to her hiding place in the depths of the Tardis. The Doctor sits down on the bench in the console room and places his hands on his face. Why won’t River marry him? He knows they’re destined to be married, she knew his name. 


Two weeks later the pair land in Paris, the Doctor has an extravangant and romantic evening planned out. No, he’s not going to propose, he just wants to know whys she refuses to marry him.

“Why won’t you say yes River?” River looks up at him from her plate of escargots. She sighs and puts her fork down, staring into his eyes. 

“Why do you keep asking? Why get married when we won’t even act as married couples?” The Doctor ponders her question for a few moments, staring back into her eyes. 

“So that I can call you my wife. Hello wife, I’m home.” River rolls her eyes, chuckles and returns back to eating her snails. Finally, she responds.

“No, you can call me wife without having to be married.” 


            For six months the Doctor and River go on this journey through time and space. Location after location, proposal after proposal and yet she still says no. 

When the two arrive at Akhaten, River snaps. 

“If you even dare think about proposing to me for the 50thtime I will kill you.” 

The Doctor smirks, “No you won’t” 

River takes a step back and glares at him. His crooked bowtie, his mischievous grin, and his stupid fez. River snatches the fez off his head, throws it up and shoots it into a million pieces with her gun. 

“If you don’t stop, that’ll be you.” 

“You wouldn’t shoot me, you love me.” The Doctor states, staring into River’s eyes. 

“No, I hate you.” River replies sharply. The Doctor swaggers over to where she’s standing. He places his hands on her hips and leans in to give her a kiss. 

“Why won’t you marry me River? What are you afraid of?” River looks away, biting back the tears. Instead of elaborating and telling him the truth she pushes him away and replies. 

“Why do you want to me marry me? What are you afraid of?” The Doctor’s speechless, he doesn’t have an answer that’ll be good enough for her. Suddenly he realizes something, regardless if he gives a good answer, he should try. He chooses the wrong thing anyway. 

“I want to marry you because if I don’t, you’ll never know my name. You told me my name River. We’re going to get married eventually.” 

            River doesn’t respond, she throws open the Tardis doors and walks out into the crowded street. Leaving the Doctor with a ring in his pocket and an emptiness in his hearts. 


            Days later the Tardis materializes at Stormcage, River’s sitting in her cell reading her diary when she hears the noises of the Tardis. She glances up to find the Doctor standing in the cell with her. He’s not on one knee, he’s not proposing, he’s standing with his bowtie crooked and his hands in his pockets. He wears a glum look on his face. 

“River, there’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you. You asked me why I wanted you to marry me.”

River puts her diary down, she’s ready to listen. She pushes her wild curls away from her face and stares into the eyes of the Doctor. 

“I’ve been meaning to say this. I would love to be able to tell the world that you’re my wife. Tell the universe that you belong to me and I belong to you. I’ve had many companions, I don’t want you to just be one of my companions. I want you to be River Song, Melody Pond, the Doctor’s wife.” 

River looks at him, her heart beating faster with each passing second. The only thing she can bring to her lips is, “Why?” 

The Doctor gets down on his knees and looks up into River’s eyes. He holds her hands in his and just smiles.

“We’ve travelled together through time and space for the last six months. I’ve known you since before you were born. It’s all wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff. From the first moment I laid eyes on you, I felt something. You’re different River. People have said that you’re the woman who loves the Doctor. I’m the man that loves River Song. River Song, I love you. I don’t care if you marry me, I love you, I always have and I always will.” 

The Doctor stands up and then gets on one knee. He takes the ring box out of his pocket, a ring River’s seen a million times, she’s never payed attention to it though. She sees the beautiful diamonds from Carsus, the gold bands from Mogar and sees her beautiful Doctor from Gallifrey. He told her he loved her.

“If you had told me you loved me, I would’ve said yes the first time. We’ve been married once before Doctor but that wasn’t real. I didn’t think you loved me.” 

The Doctor looks her in the eyes and asks, 
“River Song, will you marry me?” River nods and the Doctor slips the ring onto her finger, he stands to her feet and pulls her close. 

“River Song, Melody Pond, the woman who marries the Doctor.” 

River doesn’t reply, she simply stands up on her tiptoes and plants a kiss on the Doctor’s, her Doctor’s lips. 

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