Fairy soul. Heaven's breach

It's now been years since Brent and Tiffle arrived at Tir Na Nog. The war with the vampires was over and time kept passing. Months passed with nothing happening. The daily life of the fairies continued. But an old enemy was on the horizon as the unholy race finally returns to haunt the fairies. Will the new alliance be able to defend from the unholy race or will Brent fall to the might of the Seraph unit and the special agent Hawk!


20. Shattering

"See you," Faust said as he left. He left and with that, the guardians continued their training:
"Take this!" Brent shouted as he moved forward and slammed his blade down into the ground. Hayden jumped back as he spun around kicking the air unleashing a powerful shockwave of gravity. Both of them were in sync mode:
"You won't win this!" Hayden shouted as he spun around kicking into Brent's blade. Brent held his leg back and then bashed his wings. The wind shot Hayden back.

"They are really going at it." Core said as he looked at them:
"Keep it coming!" Tiara shouted as she moved her hands. Kenji was shooting magic bullets at her using a Gatling gun. Tiara moved her hands in quick motions. The moment they came in contact with the magic they broke apart. She had trained her new technique a lot:
"They are really going at it," Winston said as he pets Hope's hair:
"Papa...Will I ever be able to do that?" Hope asked:
"Maybe," Winston said placing his head on top of his daughters:
"I hope there will be no need for you to do it, tho," Winston said with a warm smile:
"They are truly getting there. Mayuri is training too now." Astraloinus said:
"Oh, why would she be training?" Winston asked:
"She seems to have found a way to utilize her soul to new extends," Astraloniu said:
"Every girl want to be strong somehow. Let her." Jezzia said as she came walking:
"Yeah. I have seen the extent of her power and it's really strong." Astraloinus said with a smile:
"So you fought her," Jezzia said:
"Mama," Hope said. Jezzia smiled and picked up her daughter:
"How are you my darling," Jezzia said. They all smiled. Tiara started moving forward as she hit the bullets:
"Pure reflection style. Mana thrust!" Tiara shouted as she jumped forward and hit the air with her palm. The bullets go parted to two sides like the red sea:
"Nicely done!" Kenji shouted with a smile. Tiara moved forward:
"Now just go for the win!" Kenji shouted. Tiara spun around:
"Pure reflection!" Tiara shouted and hit the Gatling gun. The Gatling gun began to twitch a bit and then break apart. The magic turned into particles. Tiara moved her hands around a bit before slowly moving them forward in a palm:
"Your manipulation of magic has really become great," Kenji said:
"Yeah. I must say. After your suggestion of making a whole new technique of manipulating magic...She has really come a long way. As we use magic in a more compressed and stable way. Her fighting style is wild and chaotic." Core said:
"Sometimes we need to kick away from tradition...I found that out the hard way." Kenji said somberly. Tiara smiled and placed a hand on his shoulder:
"Tyr!" Hayden shouted:
"Forest breaker!" Brent shouted. The two powers collided shaking the world:
"Will you two calm down! If you keep this up you gonna make the castle fall!" Tiara shouted:
"Sorry!" Brent shouted with a smile. Hayden was smiling too:
"What about this then!" Hayden shouted as he spun around, his other leg getting swallowed in the gravity. He threw down his leg:
"Fairy fall!" Brent shouted. The powers collided and an eruption of energy shot through the air:
"They told us to calm down!" I shouted:
"But I wanna train with you!" Hayden shouted:
"Hayden. If we train with our full force...We are gonna end up not having a home." I said:
"We just have to make sure that doesn't happen. So let's take this fight-" Hayden said as he moved his hand forward:
"somewhere else!" Hayden shouted. He moved his hand forward and Brent was gripped by a force:
"Freya!" Hayden shouted and Brent was sent flying into the air. Hayden then stomped the ground flying into the air:
"Tir Na Nog." Brent said as wind erupted around him. He then levitated in the air. Hayden flew up toward him:
"I just need to make sure you don't hit the ground...Too hard!" Hayden shouted. Brent moved his scythe forward and swung it with his full force:
"Fine...Primal-" Brent said as he moved his scythe behind his body:
"You won't do that!" Hayden shouted as he moved his leg forward:
"Forest breaker!" Brent shouted as he cut the air with full force. The whole warped for a second before breaking into a large sharp wind cut. Hayden stopped mid-air and then smiled:
"Full power..." Hayden said. His leg began to glow powerfully:
"Tyr!" Hayden shouted and swung his leg forward. It collided with the sharp wind and the world began to shake.

"They are really going all out..." Astraloinus said with a sigh:
"At least they went up there," Jezzia said:
"Brent...and Hayden...Flying!" Hope shouted with a smile:
"Those guys...They always had this kind of rivalry but it never been this bad." Tiara said:
"Well...Hayden had some problems about always being saved by Brent. So now that they can stand on equal ground. It made it easy for Hayden to comprehend." Core said. 

Hayden and Brent landed on the ground and unfused with their fairies:
"I'm so tired," Tiffle said:
"Water..." Miu said:
"Good fight," Brent said:
"Wait..." Astralonius said. They all looked at him:
"Is it just me or...Is it still shaking?" Astraloinus asked:
"It feels that way. Why is it shaking?" Core asked:
"Do Tir Na Nog have earthquakes?" Kenji asked:
"Not really," Astralonius said.

The silence was broken by a large bang. The fairies looked around. One more bang happened and they looked around:
"Look up!" Winston shouted. We all looked up and saw small cracks in the sky:
"Why is there cracks in the sky?!" Brent shouted:
"Hear me!" A voice shouted:
"We're about to beat your asses!" A voice shouted. The crack broke apart as a staircase shot down from the sky. It crashed down right into the castle's garden:
"Brent!" Tiffle shouted. Brent had jumped back in the last moment. On the staircase showed a few silhouettes. They slowly walked down the long staircase. Behind them was a giant hole in the sky leading into a white glowing area:
"What is this?!" Astraloinus asked in anger. They all looked toward the sky as they descended. Wings spread out behind one of them:
"There." One of them said:
"Angels..." Astralonius said. The one in front looked at Brent with an emotionless look:
"There...He got the scent." The one said as he pointed at Brent:
"What..." Brent said in surprise. 

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