Fairy soul. Heaven's breach

It's now been years since Brent and Tiffle arrived at Tir Na Nog. The war with the vampires was over and time kept passing. Months passed with nothing happening. The daily life of the fairies continued. But an old enemy was on the horizon as the unholy race finally returns to haunt the fairies. Will the new alliance be able to defend from the unholy race or will Brent fall to the might of the Seraph unit and the special agent Hawk!


21. Seraph unit.

The six silhouettes slowly made their way down the stairs while talking:
"You really think it's him...Didn't Michael say it was a girl?" One of them asked.

The one who just talked had white spiky long hair. It went to the middle of his back. Ear long in the side and nose length in the front. Two horns come out of his head. They are black and sharp. He got a scar over his left eye and his right eye is orange. He wears a black shirt with a white vest over it. He wears black pants and white shoes. He got a belt over his chest with six blades in it and two scabbards on his sides with two blades in them too. He also got a large thing wrapped in bandages on his back.

"Be silent. He smells like her." The one in the front said. 

The one in the front had gray hair. It's shoulder-length in the back. It's shoulder-length in the side and just over his forehead in the front. Pale dark green eyes look at right Brent. There is no emotion left behind them. He wears a black jacket with his sleeves rolled up to just below his elbows. He wears a short-sleeved white shirt under with a red tie. He wears white long pants with black patent-leather shoes. This guy has one wing at his right side and no left wing. 

"You are so uptight, Hawk." The guy with the blades said:
"Just be silent for now, Razor," The one in the front said:
"Could you two stop arguing?" A lady said.

The girl had blond hair. It's knee-length in the back and ear length in the sides with mouth long in the front. She wears a red dress with a black strap around the hip. She only has one strap over the shoulder. Her right shoulder. Her right hand has a ring on each finger and long nails. The other hand is just normal. No decoration and there are no long nails. She wears white heels. Her hair covers her eyes but you can still see a purple glow from underneath. Her wings are beautiful and swaying in the winds.

"Remember you talking to the leader, Ram." Another person said.

The man who just talked wears a red banada covering his right eye and a red bandana covering his mouth and chin. He got brown spiky hair lying over the bandana. It goes to his shoulders in the side and is short in the back and don't even each his forehead in the front. His eye is pure red. He wears his wings like a white poncho with a black shirt under. He got long white pants and brown boots. He wields two revolvers.

"Shut your mouther, Sunslinger," Ram said as she flicked her hand at him:
"You guys always fight." Another man said. He was the first one to show his wings and they are also the largest pair. 

This man got a headband with wings on it. He got yellow short hair. Goes to above his ears in the side. To the neck in the back and to the forehead in the front. He got two giant wings. He wears a blue vest with a bare chest under. He got blue shorts on. He got bare feet. He got three golden bands around his arms all the way down. Some of his feathers on his wings are golden.

"Just be ready." The last one said. A giant hulk of a man.

HIs bald and got black eyes. He is enormous and strong. He wears a black jacket with a white shirt. There's a black tie too. He got black pants and white shoes. He got a fedora on. He got two tiny wings on his back. 

"I don't wanna hear that from a person who has no wings, Guardian." The guy with the massive wings said:
"Shut up...Soar." The big hulk said:
"All of you be silent!" Hawk shouted. All stopped talking:
"Count...Razor?" Hawk said:
"Here." The guy with the blades said:
"Lady Ram." Hawk said:
"Here." The girl said:
"Sunslinger." Hawk said:
"here," Sunsligner said:
"Soar." Hawk said:
"Here," Soar said:
"Guardian." Hawk said:
"Here!" Guardian shouted:
"The Seraph unit is assembled...NOw to our job." Hawk said as he walked down:
"You five stay here...I will handle this," Hawk said:
"Astral beam!" Astralonius shouted shooting a beam at Hawk:
"Hollow..." Hawk said. The beam collided with the stairs but didn't break them. The cloud cleared and Hawk was gone:
"Where!" Astraloinus said:
"Behind!" Core shouted. Hawk was standing behind Astraloinus:
"Move!" Brent shouted. Hawk spun around and lightly kicked Astraloinus. The guardian was kicked back:
"You little!" Hayden shouted as he kicked out for him:
"Wing," Hawk said moving his wing down. It turned glowing and Hayden kicked it. It didn't even leave a dent:
"Tyr!" Hayden shouted as he kicked once more:
"Hollow," Hawk said appearing behind Hayden:
"Guardian!" Hawk shouted as he slammed his fist into Hayden. Hayden flew with incredible speed into the castle breaking apart a wall:
"I'm here to talk..." Hawk said:
"Talk then..." Brent said as he grabbed Tiffle's hand:
"We are gonna invade, Tir Na Nog in a few days...I'm just here to escort your survivor." Hawk said:
"Escort?" Brent asked:
"If she was to die...One person would be freed which I really don't like...So who of you are Tiffle?" Hawk asked. Tiffle looked up:
"I'm here to escort you to safety...You are a half-angel after all." Hawk said. Tiffle's eyes shivered:
"And it must be you, right?" Hawk asked. He talked in such an emotionless voice and just looked at her carelessly:
"M-me?" Tiffle asked:
"You have wings...Those appeared because you got the angel inside of you. Now follow me...I will take you and Amaterasu back to Heaven." Hawk said:
"You won't take her!" Brent shouted. Hawk looked at Brent with a carefree look:
"We can do this the hard or easy way...No matter what...You will die. I'm not obligated to take anyone life...But if I feel the need to...I won't hesitate." Hawk said as he moved his hand forward:
"Soul synch!" Brent shouted. The two fusion and Brent grabbed his scythe:
"Fight it is then." Hawk said as he moved his hand up and placed it like a fist in front of himself:
"Come at me...Prison of Amaterasu." Hawk said. 

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