The twins love

Kaylee moves to a new school and meets twins and falls in love with both of them but who will she choose


1. chapter 1- when we met

I woke up extra early for school this morning so I could get ready for my first day at my new school. I got up took a shower and put on my blue ripped jeans black heel boots and a white crop top. I put on a light touch of makeup and went down stairs.

I got in my car and went to school. When I got there it wasn’t to crowded so I found my first class easily. I went in and there was a boy in the back of the class. He was handsome and had a chiseled jaw line he looked like he played football but I wasn’t sure.

Class started and ended really fast, I walked out and it was so crowded then this guy came up to me and said “hi” I turned around and it was the guy from my first class. I said “oh... hi” he smiled and said”are you new?” “Uhh...yeah” I said I felt so shy. “Do you need help finding your next class?” He asked and smiled he was so cute. I realized I was staring and said “oh yeah sure,thanks” we started walking and he said “I’m

Grayson” and smiled and I said “I’m Kaylee” he smiled big and blushed a little and said “that’s a cute name” I could feel my face getting red. He showed me to my class and we said bye.

I saw him again at the end of the day but he was wearing something different. I was so confused but didn’t care. So I went up and said “hey Grayson” he turned and looked confused “excuse me...” he seemed very confused “ohhh I’m Ethan Graysons twin” I felt embarrassed “oh my god I’m sorry I didn’t know”

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