The Unbreakable Vow

After the war things have taken an unexpected turn in everyone's life… what happens when Draco Malfoy ends up being forced to work and stay with his lifetime enemy Hermione Granger… will they ever realize the feeling that both of them had buried within themselves during their seventh year...


29. Chapter 28

"Okay that'll be alright. I can take care of that." said Draco as he took instructions from Hermione's healer who was explaining about her medicines to Draco. Hermione was doing fine. After a week at the hospital she was finally allowed to be taken home and Draco was very relieved to get her out of the dull place.

"That is all you have to do Mr. Malfoy and do bring her for check up next week. We'll see to her again and then her final reports will be ready." Draco nodded and headed to Hermione's room. Potter and she-weasel were talking to her. They had come to visit her and then also announced that she-weasel was pregnant making Hermione squeal in excitement. Draco had to remind her that her injuries were yet to be recovered.

"We can go home today."said Draco as he entered the room and was shocked to see that Weasley was there sitting beside Hermione. Draco looked at him suspiciously.

"Wow that's wonderful. I hope that we could party or something but Hermione isn't fit to celebrate anytime soon."said Ginny as she beamed at Hermione.

"Gin…you know that I'll be the first person to throw a party for you and Harry as soon as I get out of my bed." Hermione smiled at her and then she looked at Draco. "Won't we Draco?"

"If you say so." Draco walked to Hermione and then placed her medicines on the table beside her bed and looked at her. "But just take care of yourself at first." The others watched them with astonishment. Harry however wasn't much surprised like others because he knew that Draco cared for Hermione.

Finally Hermione was relieved to be back at home. She missed her room a lot and she missed showering too. But she couldn't shower all alone. So she didn't say anything to Draco. He had cleaned the whole place and it looked more like a home than ever before. Hermione relished the calm vibes from this place unlike when she had been at Crabbe's place.

"Binty's taken all your things to your room so shower first and we'll have something to eat and you'll go to rest."said Draco.

"Oh that's really sweet of Binty to do so but I don't think so I'll be able to shower…myself."said Hermione shyly as Draco realized that she was telling very much the truth. She was still fragile and needed support to walk around. He looked over to the bathroom door and then sighed.

"So what do we do now?" Draco asked himself and looked at Hermione who was still holding onto Draco for support. "Well there's only one thing that can be done. I'll help you."

"You'll help me? That's not okay. I mean I can't…" Hermione tried to reason.

"Save your breathe Granger. Now I don't want to argue with you. I won't do anything to you. I'll just help and besides it's not like you've never been bare in front of anyone."

"Still this sounds ridiculous."said Hermione growing redder every moment.

"It's alright." Draco looked into her eyes. "Don't you trust me Hermione?"

Hermione gazed at him and then she sighed. "I do! More than myself." Draco smiled at her and then he led them towards the bathroom and opened the door. He left Hermione to take support from the wall and turned on the tap to fill the bathtub with warm water. He collected her shampoos and her favorite soap. He also put the towels within reach. Hermione watched him as she thought of how much he had changed in a year's time.

Draco then came to her and took her hand gently. Hermione felt nervous. Draco took off her shirt slowly and her trousers too. She was only left with inner-wears and she looked away shyly. Draco smiled at her and he got out of his own clothes leaving him only in his shorts. He carried her in a bridal style and together they entered the warm bathtub. The water was just fine. Draco helped her soap her back. He hadn't found it necessary to undress her completely. He gently scrubbed her back and then her arms. Hermione sat there letting Draco bathe her and enjoying every bit of his touch. If anyone had told her a year earlier that she'd one day need Draco's help to bathe she would have probably laughed at their faces so hard but now it seemed pretty natural. Their relationship indeed had progressed a lot.

Draco then put her to sleep. He watched as she breathed softly and her curls fluttered as she exhaled everytime. Draco stroked her cheeks and couldn't have asked for anything else than to be by her side now than ever. He smiled at her and relished the memories that flooded his mind again.

It was finally that day, the much awaited day by the seventh year students. Everyone was excited, nervous and happy too. It was finally the Graduation day and Draco was happy to be able to meet his mother after a year. His father was still serving his year at Azkaban so Draco was quite eager to meet his mother after all this time. He checked himself at the mirror once and then turned to the door. As he headed down the common room he saw Granger pacing back and forth. She was fidgeting her fingers and Draco watched her curiously.

"What might be the reason for your nervousness?"asked Draco. Hermione glanced at him once and sighed.

"Nothing Malfoy!" Her voice cracked and she coughed up trying to cover it up. Draco chuckled oblivious to Hermione who was glaring at him. "What's so funny?"

"Did anybody tell you that you can't lie?" Draco mocked at her and Hermione glared at him.

"Oh please don't try to tempt me Draco!" Draco smiled as he approached her.

"What's the problem? What's got you so anxious?" Hermione shook her head.

"I'm just worried that something will happen today."said Hermione.

"What could possibly go wrong?"

"Anything can happen on such a day. It's always been this way, isn't it?"said Hermione.

"You're just overthinking about it Granger. Nothing can possibly go wrong with McGonagall and other professors guarding this school."said Draco and Hermione gave him a long calculating look before sighing to herself.

"You won't ever understand." She went out of the common room leaving a very puzzled Draco behind. He hadn't even said anything bad today so why was she behaving that way. Girls will be girls he thought to himself and made his way to the Great Hall where the Graduation ceremony was to take place.

He could hear people talking as he walked through the corridors. Draco entered the great hall and looked round. The students were talking rather excitedly while the teachers were doing the last minute preparations. Hermione was already sat at her place. He looked at her for a brief moment and then made his way towards his row. The students were placed according to the alphabetical basis. He had to sit much farther from Hermione since his initial was an M. Blaise smiled at him and he smiled back to his best friend in response. Pansy looked extremely glad too.

The program began as normally as it could. Professor McGonagall wished everyone for their better future and how she was blessed to see them all grow before her. Each students were assigned with professors who would deliver short speeches about them. He swore that he saw Granger cry when Professor McGonagall spoke about her. Professor Flitwick was to speak for Draco and he listened patiently as his charms professor talked about his achievements and his changes. After the program was finished all the students were to have their last dinner at Hogwarts that day. The students feasted like there was no tomorrow and Draco enjoyed his dinner with his two best friends beside him.

After dinner Draco headed to the Astronomy Tower one last time before he left Hogwarts. Little did he know that someone else was already there. As he ascended the stairs he spotted the same bushy hair which was way tamable now. What was Granger doing up in here? He wondered as he approached her. He cleared his throat to draw her attention towards him and Hermione turned back with a worried look plastered on her face.

"Whatever's happened to you? Everything went well toady so what's got you so upset?"asked Draco. Hermione shook her head not meeting his questioning eyes.

"Nothing!" She whispered and Draco gave an exasperated sigh.

"Can you stop lying to me? Just spill it out!"said Draco impatient.

"I'm not lying.…" She looked at Draco who was glaring at her so she sighed again making the matter even worse. "I'm scared."

Draco gave her a questioning look. "Whatever for?"

"I don't know…I mean how do I tell you?" Hermione tried to avoid speaking to him while Draco was still looking at her like he demanded more explanation.

"I thought we were good enough to share things with each other. You can trust me…you know that right?" Hermione looked at him briefly and nodded.

"Well before Harry, Ron and I went to hunt the Horcruxes I had to make sure that my parents were safe. The death eaters were everywhere killing muggleborns and their parents or relatives. I couldn't risk leaving my parents just like that." The tears were streaming down her face now. Draco patted her and encouraged her to speak up. "I had to make them go somewhere else and not remember me or anything about the wizarding world so I had to…obliviate them. I had to remove their memories for them and send them away far. So I sent them to Australia."

Draco looked at her astounded. He had never once considered that she could have done such a thing. Surely she was a brave girl but to make your parents forget you was beyond torturing. He couldn't bear knowing that his mother didn't know him. It was too painful to even think of such a thing. To think that she had to obliviate her own parents was something else.

"And you're scared that you won't be able to find them?" asked Draco.

She shook her head as she sobbed. "Not that. I'm scared that I won't be able to restore their memories. Memories are great things. One's happiness is linked to their memories of good times. I'm scared that I can't be able to get my parents back."

Hermione sobbed and Draco couldn't find words to comfort her. He put his hand on her shoulder and together they stood in a complete silence for a moment or so. "You can do that. You will be able to restore their memories alright because you aren't called the brightest witch of our age for nothing." Hermione smiled as she nodded.

They stood there relishing the night's peace and watching the night pass as the sun peeped up from above the hill to tell them that it was the day they parted.

And Draco drifted away to a sound sleep beside Hermione breathing in her scent.

A/N :- Ooh what a chapter! Actually I had already typed all the chapter but the next day I checked…everything was deleted. I was so sad that I didn't write for a day or two so sorry for the wait. I hope this wasn't too bad.

I love you all💜

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