Axes to Grind (Re-written)

Sam, Clarissa's best friend is found murdered in the forest with another boy who doesn't go to her school. What does Clarissa do? She cries, cries some more, and gets back up. She meets the new boy next door to Sam, who had just moved in, Alec. Alec promises her to help her find the murderer, and they just kind of, hit it off.
Through out this mystery mess, they have to
1.) figure out the murderer
2.) figure out thier feeling for each other
3.) not get caught doing any of it
Can these two 16-year-olds figure this out on their own, or will they just have to let this go?

Author's note

This is a rewrite to my novel Axes to grind. I like this one better. Go ahead and tell me with you like better down in the comments.

1. Prolouge



“Oh Clarissa, I’m sorry.”

“‘I’m sorry for your loss.”

“I’m Sure they will catch whoever did this.”

"Is everything fine?”

“Is there anything I can do for you?”

“What can I do to help?”

“Do you want my mom to make a lasagna for your family?”


I rush into the living room, looking for my mom. Why was I getting weird texts from people I hadn't even realized that had my number.

I mook for my mother, finally finding her in her office, sitting in her big comfy chair. She was on the phone so I waited, but I could tell it was serious. I could tell something was up just by her voice.

Then she turned around. She had slightly red blotchy eyes and a a small frown like she was trying not to cry. I have never seen her like this, at least, not for the few years, I have known her.

“Clarissa,” she says, setting her phone on the table flat, “I have some news, about Sam.” She swallows, “They haven't found who did this-”

I covered my ears and ran down the hall and out of the house, I didn't want to hear this from her, I wanted to hear it from Sam.

I barged into his house like I always do, just more loudly. And Sam wasn't yelling for me or waiting at the top of the stairs. I run up to his room and saw that it was empty. I ran down the hall, checking the bathroom and the other rooms, even knocking on the attic door. My heart sank when I couldn't find him.

I went back down the stairs, hoping that he was in the kitchen making some hot chocolate.

I saw a group of people in the living room. Mrs. Everdy, Sam’s mom, calls me in. I walk in and see that she was sitting on the love seat with Emily, Sam’s older sister. Mr. Everdy was sitting in his chair. All of them had been crying.

“Sam?” I ask, my stomach in knots, and queasy as if someone had punched me “Where is he?”

I just wanted to hear him yell “BOO!” like it was some big joke, one that everyone was included in. But, somewhere down in my heart, really deep down, I knew that that wasn't going to happen.

“They found him in the middle of the forest, with another boy.” Mr. Every says,” they don't know who-” He can't finish the sentence because he is crying.

Or is it me crying? I’m not sure. But soon enough he could finish.

“The only thing that they know for sure is that he was killed around noon yesterday. No who, no why.” He rubbed his palms over his face, a gesture that was so like Sam in every way. The next thing I know is that Mom was in the room, then I am laying in bed.

All I see is white. I can sorta hear someone in my room and I could tell someone was sitting in my chair next to my bed, I just didn't have enough strength to turn my head. I don't want to either.

All I want is Sam.

That was what I was thinking about when I finally fell asleep, hours later. That's what I dream about: Sam being alive and well.


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