Onetime love was just a fortune, until something just wasn't, in a mind of displaced, grey misfortune, two teens discover the way love works is, by natural expectations, unfortunately there love is misplaced by toxicity, unknown lost dementias


1. The love of pigeon

                          All, of sudden two loves come, a teen and a pigeon however a kiss on the beak, and a wish, turned him into her best  Friend.

The sudden story of misplaced diarys, spoken through the beach front. The weird, and utter sensations, sometimes dwelled in his mind, that's she is the pigion, of the next way he travel. 

Times where lost, and new things where disposed, another trying another way, of finding the missing real love.

In a small town, A lovely Derrel misplaced his diary, and she found the only way to help him was leave it alone.

She had carrier pigeon, and he had a mind of wishes, for the both of there grand future together.

They grow old together, and need friends, suddenly that seemed possible, until the reality of their both, hidden past gave the misfortune of a steep, place in a mind of dark shadows.

The love Sandra, thought took her to the beach, and he had dream it would, wait, but the mysterious love seemed to be just another uncertain things of waiting in his shoes, and she fantasize.

It was all the same, reaching the waiting was, the way to be a another good person, the beach house seemed just on top of the, front came.






The, love was uncertain, and shadows seemed to follow some hidden secrets in a lost mind of disportiant friendships, but it also seemed possible, or not? 

He come, he go, again it be everyday until, true light came into the story she had, as younger and mellow self.

Being teen seemed hard enough, and the things it came with, yet facing the facts where even more disputing.

Upon all else one thing seemed missing in, the friendship she thought was waiting for her, and yet again it be one thing that, seemed so inspiring yet dim, as if true love was hidden and lost.

Growing up was one thing but, staying a teen and believing friends never leave was, a love never sought of before.

Sandra knew her diary never lied, and love could maybe never be, lost in her inner mind.

They had a diary and a mind both waiting to see, a future to then hold hands, but they be.

The best of friends until toxic love, came upon their minds...

As the best pigeons on the house hid, the grey anvil under his mind, and she just lay and

see that love is waiting for some reason, am  or is the perfect, sweet beach house, a opened up place, or dream never seemed possible.

The lost journey yet begun, and the next thing was a wave Derek and Sandra was just beginning

It be start of perfect, and great friendship, but what kind?, he think his mind was displaced, with love, and she think he was just a friend until, the right time! They see

That they be, in a dark shadow, Sandra though hid secrets as well, as derrel the all seemed to misplace one, mind of great mysterious love, in a carriers pigeons feet.

He to did leave to fast, and they needed the future of their love, where was the pigeon?

The way their minds was just kiss, and nothing seemed to be in the real, fanatsy more then friends, yet they seemed lost but, then they came to feeling displaced, she kiss him and she see, that the freinds they were, no longer the same, but he think different.

They oneday would, be jus as lost, but they found something extra ordinary in a diary on the, beach.


Sandra overheard the first words and, a defiante roar. The seagull was just as, nice to her, yet looking she gazed upon, the words in the pigeons, she once doubted its kindness, until. She felt it had another mind.



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