Poems close to me and maybe to you

This is my English poetry collection. Here I’ll share poems, mostly about feelings

Dette er min engelske digtsamling. Her vil jeg dele digte, mest omkring følelser.


1. It isn’t deadly...

Why do my heart drop, 

When I get nervous or scared?

Why won’t it just stop?

Maybe ‘cause people cared


But then why do I start shaking?

With no control at all

This is getting breathtaking,

And then who should I call?


I call you my best friend

You know all there is to know

You always just recommend

To sit down and take it slow


You make me laugh

before it gets any worse

But it’s stuck in my head like a photograph

Like a mental curse


Feels dizzy and indeed heavy 

You can try to breathe

And remember it isn’t deadly...

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