A robot has come to life by the witch Selene. As she discovers more and more of herself, Ari must decide whether to focus on being human or follow her love of the ocean.


1. The Box

A knock on the door.

Selene hurried to open it, excited for what lay beyond. The fresh spring air as she opened the door only heightened her excitement.

A large package, half her height, rested on the doorstep. It was brown, unmarked cardboard. Selene picked it up and dragged it inside the house.

Once unpacked, an amalgamation of parts scattered before her on the floor. Selene studied the instructions and put them together by hand, ignoring the green sparks drifting from the tips of her fingers, eager to get in on the action.

Before long, a figure stood before her. Metallic, shiny, and vaguely feminine, it gleamed in the fading light. Selene stood up, arching her back in a stretch, and admired her work. She walked around, examining the humanoid robot. AR-131 was inscribed in blocky black letters on the right side of the android’s neck.

“AR-131, huh?” she said aloud to herself. “How about Ari?”

The robot made no response, only standing still, stoic in silence.

Selene smiled. “Let’s turn you on, shall we?”

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