the Chaotix unaccepted ninja got kidnapped by Eggman

Team Chaotix was on the case unitl Eggman appeared and kidnappe Espio the heroes will have to save Espio of hostage will Sonic and friends ever save Espio of his torture by Eggman or will Espio will be mind controled by Eggman and forced his hurt his teamates and friends and be badly tortured by Eggman while the robots watch him do the torturing


Author's note

this a Sonic the hedgehog story before Sonic heroes my first story

1. the kidnapped of Espio

The Chaotix was in their base one day until the phone ringed the desk next to them Charmy was the one to answer the phone

he said"yes the Chaotix is on the case how can we help you today oh okay we be right there guys we have a case a a woman lost her chao somewhere in the woods and we to go find it."

Vector was happy about the case and said." will that Charmy and Espio let's look for this chao in the woods.

once they were in the woods Espio felt a feeling running down his three scales and he saw Eggman ride his jet-pack though the forest he remained standing there for minutes until Charmy noticed Espio at first and saw Eggman behind Espio and poked Vector's back 

Vector asked "what is it Charmy." after he said that Charmy answered with his finger pointing behind Espio before Vector can react to Eggman being behind Espio a claw grabbed Espio Eggman laughed evilly as got Espio in his claw in his jet-pack

Eggman said"with Espio mind control i will role all of Mobius!" he flew away without another word leaving Vector and Charmt finding the missing that is still in the woods lost mange to get the chao return it towoman who called on the phone 

Charmy and Vector have to get Sonic and the others so they can rescue Espio from Eggman once and for all but the question is how are they going to inside the lair and save Espio in time before Eggman can mind controled and be badly injured and have to go to the hospital down the street where the Team Chaotix's base is at is 5 miles away of the base       



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