To Play or to Die

The introvert fifteen-year-old schoolboy Kees is intelligent, modest, sensitive and an odd man out. He is ridiculed, verbally and physically, at school by classmates and even teachers. Especially during gym the tough guys from the class must have it. His awakening sexual interest goes out to boys, and in particular to the beautiful athletic classmate Charel, the biggest bully in the class. One day, when his parents are away, Kees invites Charles to help him with homework. Kees struggles with his feelings and Charles is the victim of that. Charles must have none of it, Kees is the victim of it.

Author's note

This is a FANFICTION of "To Play or to Die," which is a Dutch short gay film based on the short story by Anna Blaman. When I first saw the film, I identified so much with the main character, I've watched it many times since. Before you read this, I encourage you to watch it! Each chapter is told from Kees and Charel's POV. While this is fanfiction, I've kept true to the film and original story. Also wanted to explore a new avenue and what possibly could have been between Kess and Charel. Please enjoy, leave feedback as well.
The author has rated this movella as red, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 16.
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