A boy's life


31. Chapter 31 Italy 17/09/2019

Chapter 31 Italy


   I awoke with a splitting headache. Every movement I made was painful. I carefully opened an eye only to quickly close it, the light hurt. God I’d had a skin full last night. I had started with wine then progressed to the hard stuff. My so-called friend, Helen, had sent me a photo of Joe kissing Cathy as he left her house with his overnight case. The bastard, I thought. he couldn’t wait to get his ding-a-ling out even for one night. Shit, I felt awful. I had to go and pee. On the way back to bed, I grabbed a couple of painkillers and took them with water. Slowly, the throbbing eased. Last night’s activity was a bit bizarre. I remembered going to bed with Antonio at the party and him being naked. He apparently was into S and M and he had asked me to call him a naughty boy and to paddle his bare bottom. The poor boy, I had made him cry. I’d gone a bit crazy and made his cheeks go a bright red for I had vented my temper out on him as though he had been Joe. This morning while having breakfast, I opened the local newspaper to the centrefold. “Oh, no,” I screamed, for there I was in all my naked glory. Some bastard had taken my picture at the party. To my horror, the blasted phone camera had captured everything. Now everyone, but everyone, could see I shaved down there and that I had a star tattoo on my inner thigh. Thankfully, Alan and Brian weren’t back from their trip to Verona.                                   

   Worse still that afternoon, when I visited the local supermarket, a group of boys followed me around, making some very rude suggestions. When I returned to the apartment, all I wanted to do was just curl up and die.


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