Partner Gone Missing!

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  • Published: 4 Jul 2019
  • Updated: 4 Jul 2019
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Grace is part of my Y7 intervention class. We have been writing spy stories to improve our writing skills! Hope you enjoy reading the product of Grace's efforts as she worked hard to create this engaging story!

A spy company has someone missing! Disaster! Their partner is sent to investigate in order to solve the missing person mystery! Enjoy!

1. Missing

I have been travelling for half an hour but I finally got here, thanks to my gloopers (the machine I travel in - super fast and undetectable by radar). It was scorching hot burning like the sun when I got out. It was not what I expected at all, as it was rusty, tatty and it’s not got a good shelter. I slowly jumped and hopped towards my partner’s shelter (home). I entered timidly and found and found the place to be quite spotless until I went around the corner. It was a tip. All of his new inventions he had made had been destroyed (some the objects had been taken as well, which was what I had expected). I looked up and I could see a shiny, golden, circular above from where I was standing. It was a… just a normally golden light. This day felt different as my partner always had my back; so today I had to be super careful. (If you don’t know already I my spy company, the Bangers, we picked up some information about my partner and he is at 33 wallaby way) I flipped onto my laser gold (my secret, private plane) and I zoomed off into the air, heading for 33 Sidney wallaby way. My plane was beautiful and shiny as it had a mini swimming pool, which was a light blue colour and there was alcohol bar. Whilst I sat down on the comfortable, soft sofa, I had a plan for the day ahead. I just had the perfect idea. Guess what? I AM going to jump out of the plane… I need to wait for the right moment to jump out and then I will land right on top of the building. I just need to get my locator out underneath my swimming pool. Suddenly, my pilot said we are nearly there. I NEED to hurry up if I am going to do this so I got my locator out. I need to jump in exactly 52 seconds. I got my Para shoot out and got ready to go. Oh 1 more thing my folder with all the clues. I said to myself 3, 2, 1 jump! I have just landed on top of this colourful, beautiful, dazzling bridge. I heard the swooshing of the cars below my feet. It made me feel troubled as I knew danger was near. Hearing the sound of my partner screaming. His life could be in potential danger. I moved closer. I felt a shiver in the air as I flipped closer. Suddenly I saw was …. It ….. no. I could see my partner in the distance; I knew it was him being taken away. Immediately/ I crouched and jumped towards with a knot being tightened in my stomach as I got closer to the scene. Who were them men that my partner was being taken away by? It looked like they were heading for a passage underneath the glistening water. A password had to be done before I could enter. What could be the password I thought to myself? I felt like the knot in my stomach was about to burst until I faintly saw the number 27/06/19. “Bleep, blip, blip, bleep, lop, beep, blob” I was in!!! O oh one problem. How am going to quietly get in when I entered all the sea would wail in. Seems like I was just going to have to do it. 1, 2, 3 open and …… close. There we go. The water was beneath my feet, which made my feet shiver. I could taste the salt damp sea in my mouth. I felt drenched and frightened so the darkness didn’t help. “kkkkkkkkkkkk” I could hear the sound of high heels hitting the floor with a thud. Let’s follow them shall we? Leaping towards them, I heard it getting louder and louder. Turning corner after corner. Honestly it was like a maze. Until I turned a corner and there they were. As I was getting ready to knock them out I thought this figure was familiar. Slowly but steadily got my lipstick laser out of my belt. Ah ya It was my partner and my …….. Partner. Wait hang on this means one of you are disguised. Quickly: I reached forwards and pulled there masks of to see who was who. Zzzzzzzzz. I Lasered the wrong person. WHAT!! My partner had kidnapped my boss. How is this possible? This meant he must be working for a different spy company. This is as a mess as my room (and my room is really messy. It is such a clutter. ) Wait a minute what is this badge they are both wearing it. They both work for the same company. This means they were both working together. Which means this was a trap for me. There double agents. What do I do now? What do I do with them? I can’t just leave them lying in the middle of the dark gloomy tunnel. “Errrrrr were am I” came a voice. Oh no my partners waking up I better go; quickly. “Stop” a voice behind me. “I was forced to put this badge on so it looked like I was working for his company. “said my partner. “Come on then no time to waste chop chop” I whispered. “Ah” said my boss (well or BOSS). We whizzed faster than lightening. He is standing up now.” Come on then help me get out mate”. I screamed to my partner. “Ah ya” MY VISION WAS BLURRED!!!
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