A Cambridge Pigeon

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  • Published: 5 Jul 2019
  • Updated: 5 Jul 2019
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A comical story of a stubborn pigeon I observed at Cambridge University - True story I swear x


1. A Cambridge Pigeon

Oh, to be a pigeon and stroll on the grass with a sign that says,

“Do Not Walk On The Grass.”

To strut through Cambridge corridors and peck absently at the floor.

To clumsily flap and clatter one’s way around,

No thought for social norms or etiquette.

To care so little what the stern-faced Professor thinks of you

That you only peck more insistently

And walk around                              him                        as he approaches.

To stretch your neck, and stare unabashedly as students amble by,

Undaunted by their approach.  

Simply pecking at the ground.

Chipping away at Cambridge University’s standards one clumsy step and peck at a time.

At last a passing caretaker shoos him on his way,

And the pigeon soars off.

He takes to the sky and then lands on the roof.

Seated on the highest chimney and looking downwards his message is clear.

“Keep your pomp and tidy grass, for you’re down there while I’m up here.”

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