5:56 AM

Only you can see inside your eyes.





I'm screaming at the top of my lungs. 

I'm shouting with all my heart but he does not come back. 

He stays inside the car.

I thought 'Why do you do his to me?'

I moan as tears drip from my eyes, one by one. 

'Why do you hurt me like this?'


My heart lurches and beats as loud as drums. 

He starts to drive of, looking in the rear mirror at my face. 

'I'm just embarrassing myself even more.'

He can see my eyes full of hatred towards him, full of disgust and sorrow 

but when I look at his eyes they appear to be bright, young and full of life. 

So bright as if he doesn't feel the pain he is causing me. 

It hurts deep down to know that he would just leave me like that. 

So I close my eyes and get a better knowledge of my surroundings. 

All of a sudden the car is gone 

And with it he is gone as well. 

Then I thought 

Was he really going to wait for me?

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