The tails of zombieland

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1. welcome to zombiesland

Have you ever thought about Zombieland.

Like where you would go or the peoples you would meet or the places you would stay.

Well, me and my brother did.

Call us geeks if you want to but this was the only way we bonded.

As much as we talk about, we never suspected it to really happened.

But when it did. We were the one to act quick on our feet.

We stole a car then we took guns from are local gun shops.

Our main key was to survived.

We even remembered the the rules from the movies.

*Cardio to Escape the zombies you need to out-run them which mean you have to stay in shape.

Who was the first one to go? Fat people

*Double-tap When in doubt, don't get stingy with your bullets.

*Beware of Bathrooms. There always someone or something lurking in the bathrooms

*Buckle Up. As simply seem as that is it help alot when you got to press the breaks hard and not wanna kill you're self then buckle up!

*Travel Light. You don't have to bring Gucci, Nike and all that stuff because no one is gonna notices you're clothes it's you're beating heart they want.

*Don't Be A Hero. You should already learn this one. Being a hero never works.

*Limber Up. You don't wanna pull a muscle while run. Do ya?

*When In Doubt, Always Know Your Way Out just in case this go a wire you have a back up plan

*The bubby systems always watch each other's back

*check the back seat always always check the back seat I swear to gosh that one day a zombie is gonna be in the back seat and I'm gonna be like i told you Joey. You should have listen to me. That why you got killed.

*Enjoy the little things we don't know have long we will survived. Or even if we will so just enjoy everything.

You would think that would be enough but it wasn't because in the end we both die.

But...I am a liar....or am I?

I'm getting a head of my self I'm jenna Greenstone and my brother is Joey Greenstone he as muscler as it gets with his eight pack, brown eyes, black hair getting all the*cough* girl in his *cough* dreams. He made me say that....

While I have a faint six pack Brown's eyes like him but brown hair.

People used say we look like twins. But no away we could be beacuse his 3 years older than me. I'm 16 and he's 19.

And he's way taller than me. And he is annoying!!! But he all I have.

Now where were we, right now were heading to mami. We heard that there survives there and the more people we have the more the better the chance is to survived.


"Jenna 10 o'clock!!!" My brother said yelling at the top of his voice almost hearing it crack.

Look at my 10 o'clock. I saw a pack of zombies there were like 5 of then run towards us.

I quickly pulled up the window.



"Joey give me the gun now!!!" I said look towards him.

"There no bullets." Those 3 words and 12 letter hear enough to see my eyes flash before my eyes.

My mom sweet and tendering touch. My father cold act he try to put up. Me and my best friend Ally play on the swings.

"what do you mean there no bullets!!! We got some just yerstday" I said remember that yerstday on a trip from the grocery store was another gun shop. We broke a window into that store and took guns and bullets.

"Those are in the truck of the car"why? Just why would he put bullets in the back!

"why would you put them there!" I asked getting mader by the second.

"you told me too" he said

"And you really listen to me!!?" He never listen to me half of the time so why today?

The banging on the car was getting hard and louder. The car almost tiping over.

Then I heard what sound like bullets.

Back to back I hear 3 bullets all the zombies we're on the floor.

I quickly ran to the back to another gun and a hand full of bullets. Once in the car I started look for someone.

"Hey who's there!!" I yelled searching for someone anyone!.

I hate being alone this in world with just my brother I love him but it's lonely.

"April get in the car now!!"he yelled

"Wait! I see someone."

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