What The Shadow Takes

I see it. It's darkness. It is cloudy darkness. An inky substance... A Shadow. Then I saw her. Emily. She was smiling and wearing a crown. It looked like it was made of light. She was a beacon of light in all of the darkness around. Then the dream changed. I heard a voice... "Let me show you the truth". Emily now had a look of evil, and her crown was now pure darkness...


17. Emily

There was a wedding. It was time for the new Acting Queen to rise. It was a beautiful wedding, but I hardly noticed it. I was so… so… anxious. My birthday was coming up. I will be 18, and I will rule as the queen. I have always wanted to do more for my people, wanted to maybe even reach out to Petit. I want happiness and joy. Celebrations. No more darkness. I can only achieve this by being the queen. I am ready for it. The only problem is the Acting King. I don’t trust Daniel and I think he might do something. He has been acting weird lately. Avoiding me. My classes have been going well, so that’s good. I don’t remember much from them. It’s like something is clouding my memories of them. All I know is that I have to keep trying harder. Ky is usually in all of my classes, but I hardly notice him. I feel happier, though. After dinner one night, I finally figured out where he was staying. The next time I saw Eve, she gave me a knowing smile. I gave her a knowing look back and walked over to her. It was at her wedding. 

“So that’s what you were going to use that room for.”

“Oh Emily, sometimes you can be really oblivious,” she said, laughing.

“Hey! In my defense, I had a lot on my mind.”

“Hmm… that’s fair I guess.”

“Congratulations. I really hope you are happy Eve.”

“I am. Thank you, Emily. I hope you are happier too.”

The wedding was amazing. A few days after the celebration, my new maid came up to me.

“Listen, I trust you, and I think you will do the right thing. A couple of people were found almost dead at the border today.”

“Which one? The province border?”

“No, the grand border, my lady.”

The grand border. The giant wall separating the two royal families. 

“I will go see them. I need to know the truth. I can’t this week, my birthday party is soon. Oh, this will work out perfectly. When I go on my tour of the country, I will make sure to stop there and see them. Thank you so much for telling me this. I owe you one.”

“Oh nonsense, you don’t owe me. This was all my pleasure. You need to find the truth”.

Those last words did not sound at all like her. They were warped, twisted. Like the Shadow’s, or the people in the Shadow talking to me. I could tell that those words were important, though. I would listen to them. I will find out the truth about him.

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