In Between

Jasper has been burdened his whole life with uncontrollable powers. Doors slam when he's angry and the ground shakes when he's nervous and the only person who has ever accepted him is his best friend Nova. But after Jasper falls down the canyon in the middle of town and seemingly disappears into thin air, Nova is forced to turn to the one person Jasper hates the most in the whole world, his brother Cassius. Will they ever find Jasper or will they be stuck in the in between forever?


1. ONE


     Jasper stood in the deserted restaurant, a white dish towel hung over his right shoulder while he focused on the empty glass in front of him. "C'mon. C'mon," he muttered under his breath. His left arm was outstretched in front of him as he gently moved it up and down. Slowly the glass rose higher and higher and higher,

     "Jasper!" The glass shattered on the ground in front of him. 

     "Shit."Jasper sighed and reached for the broom that waited for him next to the bar. He looked up and shook his head with a grin playing on his lips. There in front of him stood his best friend Nova poorly trying to hide a fit of giggles. 

     "Yes," he asked raising his eyebrows and tilting his head, "What's up Nova?" 

     "First thing is I am really sorry about the glass," she paused "all of them. Really I should start knocking before I come in when the diner isn't open." Jasper stared at her as she rambled on, chuckling softly the more she tried to explain herself. 

     "Nova." She looked up at him and stopped talking for a moment. She quickly realized what he was saying and then continued,

     "Right. Sorry. I stopped by because I need you to pick up some last minute party stuff." Jasper's face fell. Crap. The party. How the hell could he have forgotten? Nova noticed his face, "You didn't forget about the party, did you?"

     "Of course not. I mean, yeah kind of. I'm really sorry. I've had a lot on my mind the past few days. But I didn't forget your present." Nova watched him intently with her arms crossed against her chest. Jasper knew she was faking being mad, they had been best friends since they were five years old and rarely fought, at least about the big stuff. They fought about what to movies to see and who was supposed to bring the snacks for sleepovers, never anything that really mattered. 

     "What did you get me?" She raised her eyebrows and slowly her pout turned into a smile.

     "Not telling," Jasper smirked, "It's a surprise." 

     Nova sighed dramatically and threw her bright red curls over her shoulder. "Fine," she stated, "I'll text you some stuff to pick up. See you around 5?" 

     "My shift ends at 4:30 but I'll get there as soon as I can."

     "Alright," she turned and started walking toward the door but stopped just before the glass, "Oh hey Jasper?"


     "You're getting really good at that levitating." With that being said, she walked out the door and didn't look back leaving Jasper staring in awe. Nova exuded confidence, something that Jasper has never experienced. After years of people calling him a freak and telling him that nobody would ever love him, he believed that he was just a mistake in an otherwise perfect world. Nova was the only person who ever made him feel "normal."

     "Hey," his bosses deep growl snapped him out of his thoughts, "you gonna open the doors or not you mangy mutant?"

     "Yes sir, sorry sir." Jasper hurriedly opened the doors and let the few strangers trickle inside, filling in the empty booths. "Here we go again."


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