The Two Artichokes

it is about two artichokes


3. The recovering

After that traumatic experience James was extra careful around Sophia making sure to protect her at all cost. It took 3 weeks for Sophia to recover. James are you sure that some "Tomato assassins were trying to kill me" Yes i was sure of it Sophia thought James was crazy but James knew what he saw. Hey thanks for taking me out for lunch James no problem Sophia my treat in celebration of you getting better. In a split second James spoted a tomato looking at Sophia James jumped onto him, James what are you doing! Sophia get away this was one of them hey hey artichoke looking guy i am a what and get off me! You are one of the assassins trying to ill Sophia! Look artichoke dude i just came here for vacation. Sophia got James off of him, James what were you thinking i thought he was one of them i'm sorry i was just looking out for you. I know James and i appreciate it. Hope you enjoy

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