[Book One]

Debbie is a 17-year old girl that has been abused since she was 4 by her mom, her dad, and her beloved brother.
She finally gets enough of it and she tries to escape her past with the help of her brother.
Will she succeed in escaping her family?


6. Five

        In the distance, we hear cop cars. I look at him. “Come on! I can’t go back home. My parents will literally kill me!” I say, panicking.

        “Better hold on. This ride is about to get tough.” He says. I look at him with worried eyes. He smiles a little then he gasses the car so fast, he piles out and we end up almost losing control when we get on the actual road. “I recommend you buckle up.” He says smirking a little. He moves one hand to a button with a cover on it. He lifts the cover as I put on my seat belt. He then presses the button.

        I immediately get sucked back to the seat. I start panicking a little. He looks at me. “Hey, it’s ok. This is to just to get them off our asses.” He says with genuine worry in his voice. Is he worried about me..?

        I nod, obviously still panicking. He rests his hand on mine, trying to soothe me. It’s not really working, but at least he is trying. I guess the little bit of good human interaction is still shaking me up.  I don’t know what to do about this. I literally just escaped from the hell that I was trapped in… How? I have no clue, but I did it. 

        I snap back into reality when we stop, tires screeching against the pavement. I listen closely, and I don’t hear sirens anymore. I look to my right, and I see this HUGE house. My eyes widen, and my jaw drops to the floor. I hear him chuckle under his breath in the driver’s seat. The car starts moving again, and we pull into the driveway of this giant mansion. 

        The car stops when we get into the garage. I try to figure out how to open the door. “Hold on. I’ll help you out so you don’t break the door” He says, getting out of the car.

        He walks around to the front, and he opens the door for         me. I get out carefully, and I don’t even worry about my things. I want to explore…

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