Every single person on this planet has a soulmate; or at least in Kate's world. When you turn 18 a black stain appears where your soulmate will first make contact with you. Once Kate turns 18 she tries to find the one meant for her.

Author's note

I will try to make this story short and I will try my best to finish it.

1. Chapter #1: Introduction

In this world.

This world of right and wrong.

There is only one for you.

One person for you to be with.

The one that will be with you forever.

Even when you're far away, or very close, they're yours.

Your soulmate.

They are meant for you.

When you turn 18.

 That's when.

That is when you will know.

Where they will first make contact with you.

A black stain engraved into your skin.

Until you find them.

Good luck.

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