Venus is not the type to get out of her comfort zone, but when her friends start to pressure her, she decides that she is done sitting on the side lines. Vigor, a computerized game of dare makes Venus' life turn upside down and meet the love of her life. Trying to find her way through the twisted game of life and death she may have found a way to keep everyone from getting hurt or worse killed including herself and the ones she loves.

Author's note

Hey guys, thought this book would be a good one. Hope you enjoy. Please DON'T steal any of my ideas. Thanks.

2. Care To Explain

"Hey, honey." my mom says and enters my room without knocking. 

"Hey mom." I say and quickly close my laptop.

"What are you doing?"

"Homework." I say and look over at my closed notebooks still in my unzipped bookbag.

"Mmhmm. Well Logan is here. He said you and him were supposed to go out to eat."

"Oh yeah, I completely forgot." I say and jump up.  My mother leaves as I race over to my closet and start poking around for something to wear. I pull out my blue jean jacket and run to my dresser drawers for a grey t-shirt and a pair of black ripped jeans. I throw on my clothes and pull out a pair of adidas that was under some clothes that I didn't get to put in my hamper. I am throwing them on when my phone chimes. I look at it to see who texted me and see that my first dare has come up. 

Kiss someone for 5 seconds at Larry's Burger Joint

I run into the living room and pull Logan with me out the door and down the stairs. 

"What?" Logan asks me through gasping breaths.

"My first dare is at a restaurant." I say as I hop in the passenger's seat of Logan's car. 

"You did what?!" he asks astonished.

"I signed up for Vigor and I am a player." I say and lean back in the seat trying to calm my beating heart. "Go!"

He puts the car in gear and we are off towards the restaurant that it told me to go to.

"So let me get this straight. You signed up for Vigor because Emily told you to become a watcher. And so you decided to play instead? Why?"

"Because I realized that when Emily said that I never leave my comfort zone, she was right. I never leave what I feel is comfortable, so I thought that by signing up, I could earn money and get out of my comfort zone a little bit." I say. 

"Okay, but you do know that when you sign up for one of those things it takes all your information from the websites that you are on and puts all your information into it."

"Yeah, I understand, but they aren't going to find that much out." I say. The rest of the car ride to Wayback Burgers is silent. I can tell Logan is mad at me for signing up, but I thought it was a good idea and I am not back down now. The Wayback Burger joint sign comes up and we turn into the parking lot. 

My phone has been counting down the minutes it takes for us to drive over here. I hop out and run in.

"So who are you going to kiss?" I hear Logan ask behind me.

"I don't know." I say and look around. A man sits in a booth closests to us, but as I walk by, I notice that he has someone with him. "He has a girlfriend." I say and move on quickly. A man with a beer belly sits in the next booth and I quickly walk towards the next booth. Another man sits at this booth with a Pepsi in his hand an a burger in the other. I almost walk up to him and kiss him, until he produces a loud burp that makes me bump into the table behind me that holds another man with his girlfriend. 

"Hurry up, Venus. you only have a minute left before you don't get to do the dare and then you lose." Logan says behind me while looking at me phone.

I look at the next booth over and see a guy around my age with a book that he is reading. "I'll do him. He reads." I say and point to the guy reading. "Okay, take this and take a video of it. Tell me when you are recording." I say and start walking up to the guy. I look at the book that he is reading and notice that it is Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. "That is my favorite book." I say casually for small talk.

"Is it really?" the boy says as he looks up from what he is reading. His blue eyes sparkle and his black hair falls across his face.

"Yeah. Have you read it before?"

"Nope, please tell me that Harry actually does become a good wizard."


"You know what, don't tell me? I think I would like to figure it out for myself." he says.

"Umm, don't freak out." I say and fall into the booth beside him. I grab his t-shirt and pull him towards me. I crash my lips to his. He freezes for a second and then responds to my kiss. The kiss grows deeper and I pull away. 

"Wow." he says looking at me.

"Umm, yeah. Sorry. Have a nice day and keep reading that book."

"Okay." he says with a shocked expression written all over his face.

I quickly walk away as I feel my face start to turn red. I look around for Logan and see him sitting in a booth off to the side. I fall into it and hide my face.

"Geez, that was so embarrassing." I say into my hands.

"Well, you completed your first dare." he says, "And you got, 1,000 dollars."

"Well, I think that was definitely worth it." I say. I look behind me to look at the guy I just did my first dare on and see that his booth is empty.

"Where did he go?" I ask.

"I don't know. Maybe you freaked him out so much that he up and left."

"Stop it." I say and reach over to slap Logan on the arm.

"Well, lets go. This is not what I had in mind when I thought we would be going out to get food." he says and gets out of the booth.  I get up and follow him out of the restaurant. I walk up to the passenger door and am about to get in, when I see a black motorcycle stop a foot away from the car. 

"Hey, watch where you are parking!" Logan yells.

"Sorry, man." a guy says from underneath his black shiny helmet. He pulls the helmet shield up and I see sparkling blue eyes meet mine. I see a strand of black hair over one of his eyes and know that it is the guy who I just kissed. 

"Sorry, I didn't catch your name." he says in a slight british accent.

"Venus." I say.

"I'm Raymond." At the same time, our phones both ding with a new message. I look at it and it says, Ride with Raymond to the city in yellow script. I look up and see both sets of eyes on me. 

"Nope. there is no way. First of all it is a school night and second of all IT IS a SCHOOL NIGHT!" I say louder. "I'm done." I say and am about to say I quiet.

"Look, Venus. It's one ride and you get 2,000 dollars." Raymond says. I begin to shake my head. "Please." I look at his face a nod. "Yes." he says happily. He gets of his bike and opens the compartment in the back. He pulls out a blue sparkly helmet and hands it to me. "I think the audience likes seeing us together." he says, simply. I groan and grab the helmet.

"Ve." I hear Logan call.

I turn around and see Logan looking at a lost for words. "Sorry." I say and hop behind Raymond.

"Ready, Ve?"

"I guess." I say and grab a hold around his waist.

"Have you ever ridden on a motorcycle?"


"Well, then you better get ready because this will be full of adrenaline." he says and lets go of the clutch and we speed out of the parking lot.

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