Harry Potter and The Baudelaires and The Fifth House

If you don’t know the series “A Series Of Unfortunate Events” by Lemony Snicket, or “Harry Potter” by JK Rowling, you shouldn’t continue and please go read them, I love them both. This is a fan-fiction and my first big project. So please know that I have only read Harry Potter once, so some details may be incorrect.

Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire find themselves stuck in the world of Harry Potter and must disguise themselves as wizards. With the help of Harry and his friends, and two house elves Gem and Clive, they face many projects as they return to their world such as the appearance of a deadly fungi and a new teacher that is suspicious of the Baudelaires that may spoil their identities.


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

The three Baudelaire children, Violet, Klaus, and Sunny, had just finished tiding up their dinner they had just had with Justice Strauss. Violet and Sunny were still working in the kitchen. Violet stood in front of a machine she had invented that sat perched on the sink, washing and drying the dishes. Violet pressed the red ‘off’ button as she began to set the pots, plates, and silverware in the cabinets above. Sunny sat patiently on the ground, reminding Violet occasionally to wipe the wet spots off some of the dishes. As Klaus stood in the dining room, in front of the doors leading to Justice Strauss’ backyard, Violet called from the kitchen.

“Klaus.”, Violet asked.


“Could you please get a book for Sunny? A fantasy book", Violet said.

“Big book Klaus!”, Sunny interrupted.

Both eldest Baudelaires laughed as Klaus walked through the doors out to the backyard doors. Walking on the stone path Klaus felt the cool breeze, symbolizing the start of Autumn. Looking up, across the street from Justice Strauss’s house, he saw the construction site tearing down the roof of Count Olaf's house that they were all stuck in before Count Olaf's play of “The Marvelous Marriage” in his attempts to get their fortune. Now arriving to the door of the tall library that stood in the backyard of Justice Strauss’s house. Opening the door, Klaus took a sharp right to the shelves that were labeled as “Fantasy” in golden letters. Moving his finger across the spines of the books looking for a decent book to read to Sunny.

Klaus pulled a few random books out from off the shelf, reading the title and skimming the backs. “Harry Potter...”, he pulled out one book, after skimming the back, he held it in his hands as he followed the path back, not looking back at the construction across the street. Returning to the kitchen, finding it empty, his sisters done cleaning, he redirected himself up the stairs to his sisters' room. Opening their door Violet and Sunny, both in pjs and sitting on their beds.

“So, what book did you get?”, Violet asked.

“Harry Potter.”, Klaus answered looking back down at the book. “It's about a wizard.”

“Okay, go ahead.”, Violet said, "It seems interesting.”

“Ok”, Klaus announced as he turned past the title page to the first chapter. “The boy who lived. Mr. and Mrs.- “, Klaus stopped as small blue sparks flickered from the page. Klaus let out a tiny scream as he threw the book down on the floor as he looked down at his hands that had tiny scars from the sparks.

“W-what is that?”, Violet yelled, quickly stepping up onto her bed, her back and palms firmly pressed against the wall.

“I don’t know- VIOLET!”, Klaus screamed as he saw that his sister was being pulled into the sparking pages. Reached out he attempted to gram her palm, but fail and flailed to the ground, watching her disappear in the sparks.

“Uh oh…”, Sunny trembled as she was starting to feel a pull on her arms, closing in on the book.

Klaus reached out as fast as he could, pulling her back out, but soon being overpowered by the pull and being pulled in with his baby sister.

“Children, what’s the matter?”, Justice Strauss said as she opened the door to their room. “Hmm…”, she hummed as she picked up the book in the center of the floor observing it closely. “Nah.”, She decided as she walked away with the book. Let me just put it back, she said calmly to herself, tired, and ready to sleep.

“Ugh.”, Klaus groaned, waking up from his state of unconsciousness. “Sunny? Violet?”, he called blindly as his eyes were still arranging to the light. Suddenly, a pure white light shone on his face, not helping him adjust at all.

“’Ey firs’ years, what you doin’ down there?”, said a deep voice above him, the man was probably the one holding the flash light, and almost obviously a man.

“Klaus!”, Violet called from his right side. “There’s a g-giant above you!” she screamed as Sunny began to cry.

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