Harry Potter and The Baudelaires and The Fifth House

If you don’t know the series “A Series Of Unfortunate Events” by Lemony Snicket, or “Harry Potter” by JK Rowling, you shouldn’t continue and please go read them, I love them both. This is a fan-fiction and my first big project. So please know that I have only read Harry Potter once, so some details may be incorrect.

Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire find themselves stuck in the world of Harry Potter and must disguise themselves as wizards. With the help of Harry and his friends, and two house elves Gem and Clive, they face many projects as they return to their world such as the appearance of a deadly fungi and a new teacher that is suspicious of the Baudelaires that may spoil their identities.


2. Chapter 2 (Unfinished)

“But theirs no such thing- GIANT!”, Klaus yelled as the man turned his flashlight away from Klaus to Violets’ face after her call. As soon as he adjusted to the light he was able to see the big bulky body, the long black curly hair, and rugged clothes of the man that had just stood above him. He scooted back on the grass but winced as he remembered the scars in his hands.

“Oh, did I scare ye?”, the giant apologized as he took a closer look at the Baudelaires. “Sorry fer not introducing’ me self! I’m Rubeus Hagrid, but everyone calls meh Hagrid…my name. Anyways, I’m the Care o’ Magical Creatures teacher.”, He cheered.

“How do you do?”, Violet introduced,” I’m Violet Baudelaire, and these are my younger sibling, Sunny and Klaus.”

“Hmmm… Well, I have one question,”, Hagrid considered for a moment.” What were you doin’ on the ground?”

“Umm...I- I don’t really know actually.”, Violet answered.

“How- “, Hagrid soon was interrupted by Klaus.

“We- umm- we were sucked into a portal, well, that’s what we know so far.”, Klaus said, later apologizing for interrupting him.

Hagrid then turned to face the other children on the grass, that the Baudelaires never noticed, and called out instructions for crossing the lake. “No more than four in a boat! And please don’t be fight’n over the paddles.” He then turned back to the Baudelaires and helped them into one of the wooden boats that were on the shore.

“So, what do you mean, a portal?”. Hagrid questioned, picking up Sunny and setting her in his big lap.

“Well, I had grabbed one of the books from Justice Strauss’ library, and it began sparking and,”, Klaus paused for a moment, dropping the oar to help him remember exactly what had happened. “Then it sucked me and my two sisters in and then we woke up, on the ground.”

“Hmm… well then it can probably be assumed that you are muggles.”, Hagrid concluded.

“Muggles?”, Sunny asked.

“Non-wizards, Humans, basically a being that lacks any sort of magical powers.”, Hagrid said proudly. “Matter of fact, here we are!”

“Where?”, Klaus said, looking around for a building.

“Hogwarts, school of witchcraft and wizardry!”, Hagrid answered.

“I believe my brother is referring to where something is located, meaning this school of yours.”, Violet answered, very unsure.

Sunny then sat up immediately, staring at a clearing. “Hogwarts.”, She said as she pointed upwards.

“Sunny theres noth- “, Klaus started.

“There it is Sunny. Ain’t it a beauty.”, Hagrid called.

“WHAT IS GOING ON!!!”, Violet yelled at Hagrid and Sunny, causing the boat to shift a little.

“Hogwarts is right there.”, Hagrid said to them.” Oh yeah- your muggles. So sorry, I’m talking about Hogwarts. I’m so silly for thinking you see it. Its under a spell that makes it invisible to muggle eyes…”, Hagrid apologized. “I need to get you three guides.”

“Well, who?”, they asked, continuing to row forwards.

“Maybe Harry- or one of the teachers.”, he considered as the boat made a loud ‘Thunk!’ as it then sat on the other end of the lake. “I’ll carry Sunny in and you two will hold my hand.”, Hagrid ordered as he picked up Sunny and reached out to grab Klaus hand carefully, noticing the scars.

Walking curiously inside, the eldest Baudelaire felt uncomfortable in this unknown environment. Each step felt weird as there were clearly steps or floors or walls or poles aside them. The followed Hagrid’s step very carefully as he led them to a spot behind the other children that had crossed with them in a line. After giving Sunny to Violet, Hagrid ran up to the old wizards in front of them and talked to them, randomly looking or nodding back to the Baudelaires.

“Those three children, they’re muggles…”, Hagrid told Dumbledoor as he looked back at the children. “They came in from another dimension and I don’t know what we should do- Albus?”

Dumbledoor stood, looking off at a different direction while Hagrid was talking. Looking back at Hagrid, he cleared his throat. “Well Hagrid, that is very unusual in these parts. Well, we certainly cannot let down the invisible spell on the castle for just three muggles.”

“Well, I want you to take them straight to Diagon Alley immediately at dawn. Who knows, there may be a sale going on! Anyways… call the house elves, Clive and Gem. They can assist them until morning.”, Dumbledoor decided.

“Thank you professor”, Hagrid said as he whistled into the crowd and soon two scrawny brown elves stumbled from the kitchen. “‘Ello there. They need some help.”, he instructed as he bent down low and pointed to the three Baudelaires. “They’re muggles-“ both elves gasped. “Stop it! They’re not from here and don’t want anything else but to go home. Alright?”

“Y-Yes master.”, the female elf shivered as she bowed. The other elf ran off, stumbling this way and that as if he was a baby walking for the first time. “Clive!”

“-And-“, Dumbledoor said, reminding Hagrid he had one more thing to say. “At Diagon Alley, get their usual cauldrons, wands, and robes, but I need you to go find someone who can give you a potion or spell that will allow the children to see Hogwarts and become temporary wizards. I fear someone may be watching our every move.” Dumbledoor frowned “their every move.”

The Baudelaires looked oddly at the two small creatures that ran after them. One lagged behind, yelling “Clive!” and scooting after the other one, who didn’t seem very athletic. The boy in front of them swiftly put his leg out, tripping the person.

“Hey! That wasn’t very nice!”, Violet glared at the boy in front of her as she bent down to help the creature. “Excuse me, are you ok?”

“Yes!”, said, attempting to smoothen out the ruffles and dust that had gotten on the carrot bag that he wore. “Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes…”, he mumbled silently. Then looking up awkwardly at the Baudelaires, a lightbulb lit up in his head. “Oh! Yes, we are your helper elves!”

“CLIVE!”, the other similar creature, but much shorter and with random cloth as clothing, came up and faced the elf. “I told you not to run!-Oh hi…I’m Gem.”, it said.

“Clive!”, said the elf behind Gem. “I’m Clive and this is Gem-“

“I already introduced myself!”, she turned back at Clive with a frown.

“Umm… anyways,”, Klaus started, trying to break the argument. “What will you be doing for us?”

“Well, you think teachers can hold your hands every day? We’re you’re guides.”, she rolled her eyes like it was an obvious answer.

“Ok, then umm…-“, Violet immediately stopped trying to think of another thing to say when one of the older wizards stood and clapped his hands three times. Violet was relieved.

“Wellcome to another hopefully brilliant and magical year at Hogwarts!”, all the children and adults filled the room with whistles, clapping, and cheering. With a movement of his hand, the room quieted down.

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