Mindless Behavior Love Story( Starring Yn)

Yn goes to her very first MB concert and meets 4 amazing boys. They call themselves MINDLESS BEHAVIOR!!. Her and her friends Brittany, Destiny, and Justice all find their happy end......

Author's note

Hey Guys this is my first time actually writing a fan fiction story so comment below and tell me what you think

1. How we met ๐Ÿ‘‹

Yn Pov

My alarm clock on my phone went off I got out of bed did my hygiene:brush my hair, my teeth, did my makeup not much just mascara and eye liner. I wore a black t-shirt that said BO$$ on it with gold letters, some denim shorty shorts, with my favorite pairs of shoes black and blue jordans. I went to go eat breakfast I had eggs, bacon, and some pancakes I would have sausage not today though. On my way to school I stopped at Dunkin for some donuts of course and coffee. 

@ school

โ€‹On my way from my Lamborghini, I was walking in the parking lot texting my friend Brittany, I ran into someone on my way to my locker, he seemed very familiar to me but I just couldn't put my finger on it just yet. All I know is he has an Afro. Brittany, has been with me through thick and thin. I tell her everything.  I have two other friends name Destiny and Justice. We are all MB fans for sure.


???-I'm sorry I did not see you there

Yn- It's okay I was to busy looking at my phone

I looked up from grabbing my phone I cannot believe who I ran into Princeton Perez from MINDLESS BEHAVIOR. 

Yn- Hey my name is Yn

???-Hey Yn my name is Princeton my friends call me Prince

Yn-Hey prince, look I am sorry I ran into you and all I know we just met and all but could I get ur phone #

Prince-Sure hand me your phone 

Yn- Here *gives prince her phone*

Prince-*putting his phone # in*


Prince- Would you wanna hang out after school I could pick you up or do you have a car

Yn- I have my Lamborghini, I could just drive there, can I get your address


Yn-Thanks see you later!

Prince- Bye

End of convo 


Prince Pov

After school, I drove home in my Wrangler Jeep and when I got in the house the boys were playing on the Xbox. If you are wondering who the boys are it's Roc Royal(Chresanto Romelo August ), Ray-Ray(Rayan Lopez), Prodigy (Craig Crippen). I told them about Yn to the boys. The first one who asked a question was Roc of course, 

Roc- Is she cute?

Me- I do not know, but she is coming over today, you could see for yourself

Ray-Does she have any friends that you know about 

Me-not that I know of 

Roc- Did you guys meet anyway

Me- I bumped into her today on accident 

Roc- Klutz

Yn Pov

I called each and everyone of my friends. The first one that I called or texted was Brittany I know she loves Princeton, or as his friend's call him Prince. Then after that I texted Justice and Destiny. They asked if they could come along. I said of course I am not going to be with a group of boys all alone. 

Brittany Pov

I can't believe I get to meet the one and only Princeton Perez OMG. Ever since we heard about Mindless Behavior we all took dibs on who has which boy. Of course, I have Prince, Yn has Roc, Justice has Prod, and Destiny has Ray. The boys seem like they have a lot of fun on tour, and I wanna be apart of that adventure sooner or later. 


Prince Pov

Me and the rest of MB were getting ready for the girl's visit. We have chips, pop, cookies, brownies, cupcakes, and beer. I have on a black wife beater shirt with some green basketball shorts on playin on my Xbox. Roc is in the same thing but with Black and Blue b-ball shorts. Ray in just purple basketball shorts. Prodigy in red basketball shorts. If you do not know what I am trying to tell you all of us boys are wearing our favorite colors, if you don't what are colors are me-green, roc-black and blue, prod-red, and ray-purple. 


Roc Pov

I can't wait to see the girls or girl that Princeton mentioned to us when he came home. None of us actually go to school we just hang around the school until we end of meeting someone of just walking around to waste time. We have a break from the tour it does not start until next year. 


Yn pov

On the way to Princeton's house the girls could not control themselves from being excited to meet MINDLESS BEHAVIOR. I was trying to keep my cool, but inside I feel like I am about to explode.The girls were wearing the boy's favorite colors. I rang the doorbell of Princeton's house of course this is a HUGE I mean HUGE house. Like a mansion, I guess. I wanted to talk to the girls to stay calm, but before I said a word Prince opened the door to let us in. 


Yn-Hey Prince

Prince- Hey Yn

Yn-This is Brittany, Destiny, and Justice

Prince- Hey girls

Girls- Hey Princeton*giggles*

end of convo


Prince pov

The boys saw the girls and walked up to them introducing themselves to the girls, of course, Roc was the one who was flirting to the girls. 


MB-Hey girls


Roc- Hey cutie *to Yn*

Yn- Hey*blushing*

Ray- Hey sweet thing*to Destiny*

Destiny-Hey *rolls her eyes*

Prod-Can you be my Mrs.Right?*to Justice*

Justice- YEAH *happy*

end of convo


Prince pov

I am glad they made it. That girl Brittany though is lookin fine in that outfit. I could tell who likes who because the girls are wearing the MB's favorite colors. I am guessing since Brittany is wearing green she likes me back.


Ray Ray Pov

I hope one of these girls like me. All of them looking hella fine in their outfits especially Destiny. I am thinking she likes me because she has my name on her shirt as well as wearing the color purple. 

Roc Pov

OK so when Princeton told us that the girls came all I saw was Yn even though we were upstairs when the girls came. All I saw was Yn, she seems very different from her friends. She looks fine in whatever she wears that is for sure. I just really hope soon or later I could tell her how I feel about her. She seems so nice, sweet,cute and funny. Her smile is the best thing about her. 

Prodigy Pov

I cannot believe Princeton was able to have these kind of girls come over. I am glad Justice said yes to becoming my Mrs. Right. She does not even know me that well, but I know for sure since we are going to be hanging out a lot that is going to change. I know that for sure. 

Yn Pov

I cannot believe Justice said yes to Prodigy she does not even know him that well but since she likes him what is wrong the kid he is from Mindless Behavior, I just hope she does not get her heartbroken from him. If he ever tries to do something she does not want to do then something is going to happen. 

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