Fire at Freddys

This is a story on the fire at Freddy's Horror Attraction and what happened in the burning building, where an undead monster tries to escape the burning hell.

Author's note

This is based on Five Nights at Freddy's, but is just a fan fiction for readers to enjoy.

1. Prologue

The guard stood in the long hallway, the sickening green light bouncing off the tiled walls. In his hand, he held a cigarette lighter, though he promised he would never smoke. at the end of the hallway stood the monster, the horror of horrors, the star of the show. He gleamed greenish yellow, as the light bounced off his once yellow fur. between the gaps of the suit was the body. the body of William Afton, presumed dead 30 years ago. He died in a freak spring lock accident, but the cause was unknown. Only the guard knew that he had slaughtered those 6 kids long ago. they were trapped in the walls, begging to be freed, but Afton kept them here. but know they will be freed. the only thing standing between him and his goal was Afton. 

'You will fall, just like the others who stood before me,' croaked Afton.

'I won't. I'm here to free those souls you have kept trapped all these years, Afton, and you can't stop me,' the guard said.

Afton laughed. it was an ugly sound, like he had forgotton how to laugh. he was wheezing and croaking which had taken it's place.

'I haven't heard that name in a long time. But it doesn't bother me. I have been given a new name in my new form: Springtrap.' He croaked

the guard rolled his eyes. 'Call yourself what you want, it won't matter to you.' the guard had spotted a gas line directly behind Spring trap, so his objective was for him to move away from it, or stall.

'Oh,' Spring trap went on, 'that amuses me. Such bravery. reminds me of another person. a child. so young. so defiant. She tried to save the others but she went down just as quickly. her name was Cassidy, and i stuffed her, you know. I stuffed her into a yellow Freddy suite.'

The guard felt disgust. what a way for a child to go down. to a beast in a bunny suit. then he heard it.

A voice. a sound. a child's voice.

Spring trap heard it too, and started looking around. then a scream came out of nowhere and a Phantom lunged out at Springtrap. He cried out and ducked away from the ghost.

The phantom stood in the pale green light, looking intently at his prey. One ear was gone, so was one leg, but he stood as if he still had it. amid the burnt out husk, the shape of the top hat was unmistakable from his birthday party


Phantom Freddy lunged at Springtrap again, but this time, he was ready. He dashed up with a speed unknown to man and hit Freddy in the space between his eyes. Freddy fell with his fist and crashed into the tiles with the sound of crunching metal and concrete, yet no shape was to be found. Another Phantom rose up, its limbs in a twisted and the sound occupieing it was an ongoing, high pitched static. Phantom Mangle tried twisting her body around Spring trap with her many limbs but she couldn't get a grip. meanwhile, the guard watched Phantom Freddy get up. He turned his massive head towards the guard and nodded. the guard nodded back and light the lighter. Spring trap saw the imediant change in the light and saw the small fire. the guard threw the lighter toward the gas line. everything went in slow mo. Springtrap screaming, Phantom Mangle screeching, the other phantoms appearing: Phantom Puppet, Phantom Foxy, Phantom Chica, Phantom Balloon Boy. the lighter flying towards the gas line, hitting it. Then the explosion.

It burned brighter than day, the explosion booming in his ears. he was flung back from the explosion. then......


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