Fire at Freddys

This is a story on the fire at Freddy's Horror Attraction and what happened in the burning building, where an undead monster tries to escape the burning hell.

Author's note

This is based on Five Nights at Freddy's, but is just a fan fiction for readers to enjoy.

2. The Fire

The explosion had forced him and Mangle through the other wall. the fire started to consume the building faster than a passing train. Springtrap cursed himself. the Phantoms were aiding the guard, to distract him so the guard could blow up the gas line. Springtrap got up slowly. Mangle was thrashing, moaning and gurgling in the fire. Her eyes were unfocused her limbs waving wildly. She tried to rise, but failed. Her struggle stopped a few seconds later as the flames consumed her already burnt out body. A coil of white started to drift up from the body. 

A spirit 

It took the shape of a little girl, one that he had killed when he was still Afton. It looked at him once then flew up into the ceiling. He watched it go, then started to make his escape. He'd have to go the long way round, as the explosion had blocked the closest exit near the office. Through the hole, he could see the burnt out husk of what used to be Phantom Freddy, his spirit already leaving. the other Phantoms that had appeared seconds before the explosion were gone. He turned and dashed in the opposite direction, towards the entrance. the decorations of the attraction were falling apart, the Bonnie statue was missing his jaw and was burning up fast. Springtrap turned a corner and crashed into another Phantom: Chica. She was moaning, and was missing and arm and eye. She reached for him, to pull him into the inferno. He pushed her into the fire were she screamed. She tried rising, but slipped on a burnt drawing and fell down again. Her screams turned into moans and her moans turned into groans. after a bit she fell silent, but Springtrap had seen enough. He left her body were it lay, kicking the decorative Chica head as he went. Another corner and Puppet and Balloon Boy stood there, intent of stopping his escape to freedom. Puppet motioned and Balloon Boy flew at him, intent to knock him down. Spring trap ducked and grabbed the Phantom's leg as he flew by, swung it and threw the Phantom at Puppet. Puppet disappeared to avoid the attack, only to return a moment later. Another explosion rocked the building and parts of the ceiling caved in. Phantom Puppet dodge a part of the ceiling, then flew through the gap, far out of Springtrap's reach. Balloon Boy had returned, missing his Propeller, right arm and nose. he came out of now where, smashing into Springtrap from his right side and they both crashed into the opposite wall. Springtrap screamed in pain, as the intense fire took his left arm, leaving a sharp stump. he swung his stumped arm at the attacking Balloon Boy and impaled his head. Phantom Balloon Boy screamed once and collapsed, his spirit already rising. He saw the shape of a plump boy before it flew off. Springtrap rose again, quickly this time, held his left arm and continued on.  

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