Forgotten Love

In a world filled with soul mates two teens have to desperately find a way to meet one another. Fate said they should never have met but destiny had other plans.


5. Birthday Girl

I shrugged softly and placed the paper in my pocket and raced out the door skipping breakfast and running to school. “I'll eat later when I come home! I love you guys and thank you!” I called out as I raced down my front steps and over to my friend's car. “Hey gurl! Get in, we got a surprise for you!” My friend Mattie called out as I climbed into the back only to get attacked by gift boxes all wrapped in beautiful paper. “Guys you didn't have to do this! Thank you so much!” I smiled at the wrapping on the paper. Mattie started to car up as she drove off taking us to school. “What are you waiting for open them!” My friend Zeke said sitting next to me as he put his arm around me in an attempt to give a birthday hug. I laughed and nodded brushing some of my ombre brown hair behind my ear before ripping into the paper. There was totale of 3 boxes each one a different color to represent my friend group. The first one I opened from Zeke was wrapped in a beautiful metallic orange paper with cute little sun doodles all over it and the words “HAPPY 19th BIRTHDAY ELISE!”  Written in yellow sharpie in big bubble letters. I laughed at the cuteness of it and pulled it off to make way to a brown cardboard box. I paused smiling and gently lifting it to my ear to shake and try and guess what was inside. “Ohhhh I can't wait, just open it!”Zeke squealed beside me as he gently shook my arm. I laughed more nodding as I calmed him down. “Okay okay! Relax, I'm opening it right now!” I said through my laughter as I opened the box to find new high tops sneakers. I squealed with joy as I geeked out over the cute alien and clouds that were painted on them by good artsy friend Zeke. “I love them so much thank you! thank you! thank you!” I yelled hugging him as best I could well we sat in the back of a moving car.


    Zeke smiled all bashfully at me as he rubbed the back of his neck gently.”Oh it was nothing really dont worry about it Elise.” He said blushing the way he always did when you compliment him. The next gift I opened was wrapped in sparkly pink glitter paper. I could only assume this was Sky, my bestie since dippers. “I swear you like horad glitter in your house.” I said making a joke as I opened the box to find an adorable photo frame of us the day we first became best friends. I was the two when we were 5 years old at the playground making stupid faces at the camera in front of the slides. I smiled at the fond memory and read the note at the bottom instantly tearing up at the cute wholesome message she wrote me. “Happy  19th birthday to my best friend in the whole world. We've seen each other through so many ups and downs, Yet no matter how crazy things got you always had my back. So I just wanted to remind you of how lucky I feel to have someone so brave and beautiful in my life. How truly happy I am to call you my best friend. Sky and Elise 2005 Elisbrook park.”  I looked up at her with tear stained eyes as I covered my mouth in shock. “This is so cute Sky thank you so much im gonna cherish forever!” I said dramatically making the car erupt into laughter. 


    Mattie smiled at me proudly through the review mirror as she nodded with her eyes that It was about time I opened her present. I smiled and nodded giving subtle hints that it better not be anything weird as I picked up the last box wrapped in glossy purple paper. It was smaller then the first two but just as beautiful. “Now for the last but not least favorite gift of the day Mattie!” I cheered doing a drum roll with Zeke before I gently unwrapped the box and pulled out a small silver ring with engraving. “Mattie and Elise friends for ever 2007-2019”  I smiled at the writing and slipped the ring on my finger looking up to see she was wearing a matching one on her right hand. “I love them all so much guys thank you!” I said softly admiring my friends and the gifts they had all put so much thought into giving me. 

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