Forgotten Love

In a world filled with soul mates two teens have to desperately find a way to meet one another. Fate said they should never have met but destiny had other plans.


3. Letters From the Past

“Bzzzzz Bzzz Bzzzz” came the faintest sound from the left side of my bed. I groaned and rolled over smashing the snooze button on my alarm clock;Forgetting I had it set to be hit three times before it would shut off. “Argh I'm awake….” I croaked out tiredly as I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and I glanced around my dorm room. “Hey Zen when’s your next class?” My roommate Matt asked me as he slipped on a striped patterned shirt and yawned heavily into his hand. “Mmmh I don’t know man look at my paper.” I groaned out waving my hand to my desk that sat in the far right corner of the room. I listened as Matt shuffled his feet over to my desk and gave a small whistle. “Dude you better your ass up now or your gonna be late. You have english lecture starting in an hour and the professor is gonna kill you if you're late again.” Hearing those words I recalled the last time I was late and how she gave me a fair warning. “Shit whats the time then!” I yelled scrambling out of bed quickly to throw on jeans and plan t shirt not braking to see if it was clean. “Damn it what class do you have right now?” I asked looking to him with hopeful eyes. Matt rolled his eyes at turned away “I have science which is on the other side of the building and you have 30 mins now better get running.” He laughed as he pat my back and placed my books right in my hands. “SHIT THANKS!”  I yelled out and raced out of my dorm room and down the halls.

    I must have looked like I was going mad because everyone was rushing to get out of my way. “So sorry I don't want to be late to class again!” I yelled racing full speed ahead and nearly taking out another person as I rounded the corner. “Yes I’m so close!” I cheered softly slipping in through the doors just in time for the teacher to give a look that said you win this time. I smiled taking a little bow as if I just did the best performance before finally jogging over to my friend Jenny and taking a seat. “You just love pissing the professor off don't you Zen?” I shrugged, pulling my books out and leaning back in my chair. “I mean I don't do it on purpose I’m just not a morning guy is all.” I shrugged softly with a small yawn as I got my book out and opened the chapter we were learning in class. Jenny rolled her eyes but dropped the conversation turning her attention to the teacher. I opened my book blinking in confusion when something heavy hit the floor followed by a piece of paper. “What the heck…” I mumbled reaching down to the floor under my seat only to pull up a necklace and an envelope addressed to someone named Elise off the floor. “Maybe someone dropped it here during the last class and forgot it.” I told myself to make a mental note to talk to the professor about the name on the envelope after class. 

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