Forgotten Love

In a world filled with soul mates two teens have to desperately find a way to meet one another. Fate said they should never have met but destiny had other plans.


4. Curious Cat

I looked forward to taking notes and listening to the teacher as she groaned on with her lesson. Yet for some reason my mind kept wandering back to the letter that I found and the mystery girl named Elise. Jenny looked at me every now and then laughing at the dumb faces I kept making out of complete bordem. “What’s so funny?” I whispered, balancing my pencil between my nose and my upper lip as I cupped my face in my hands. I watched her smile softly as Jenny laughed covering her mouth and trying to stay quiet so we didn’t catch the teachers attention. “Oh nothing….just pay attention to the class we have a test next week dumbass.” She said gently nudging my shoulder with a playful smile. I decided to let the topic go for now even though it was very apparent she liked me. Maybe If I didn't have a soulmate to begin with I would have liked her back...maybe I would have even gone out with her. I sighed thinking back to the day I was supposed to meet them. My soulmate  and I were supposed to meet the winter of 2019 but something changed. I've replayed the scene over and over in my head trying to find any clues as to who it could have been and if maybe I had met them before and just didn't know it. It was a snowy day on the campus...I was waiting at the entrance for my friend so we could head into class when it happened. There were a bunch of screams followed by a loud crash! I spun around searching the crowd for the accident, my eyes just barely catching the hint of rose red blood before all the color leaked away like a wet panting being washed away. I collapsed t the ground my head ringing as my heart pounded a painful sting on my wrist as I looked down shaking. My soulmate mark that was once a gerous deep green was now a gloomy black. The writing in the middle that had once said Lilacs was now fading away until finally it was gone. 


    My friend ran over helping me up. His words were muffled out by the background noises that surrounded me as I stood now watching in horror as my mark disappeared. Just like that my soulmate died without ever meeting me.  I broke down crying that day not caring if people thought I was crazy for crying for someone I didn't know. Though the strange thing was that I didn't cry for myself or the people who got hurt. I didn't cry for the family that lost a child that day. I cried because all I could do was cry. I thought of how sad it must have been to die without ever knowing someone loved you. My friend shook me again calling my  name out a little louder pulling my eyes away from my arm and over to him only his face was blurred…. As if I wasn't meant to see who it was.  “Zen...snap out of it the teacher asked you a question!” The voice called out snapping me back to reality and my boring english class. “Zen do you need to take a break and leave the class?” The teacher asked, eyeing me over with a worried expression. A face I wasn't even aware she was capable of making. “Oh no, I'm fine…” I managed to get out well and my voice was feeling strangled and shaky. It felt as if the words that had left my mouth weren’t mine yet I knew they were because they had just left my mouth. 

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