My boyfriend's other

I was finally happy with my life. My parents were in love, I was in love and even my sister was in love. I couldn't be any more happy. It wasn't until weeks later that my happiness turned into something else something dangerous. My happiness turned to jealousy and hatred. My hatred was deep and many things happened that I knew I would regret later.


1. Bad to Good Days

I was so happy nothing could bring me down. My life was heading in a good direction but I wasn't always like this. For my whole life I was really sad because I could never do anything right and for that I would always get scolded. It all started 1 year ago or so.


13 months ago

My teacher had just flunked me and I was so sad that I would have to go to summer school if I didn't get my grades up. to tell my parents this frightened me even more. My parents were so strict that if I didn't get 90's in all my classes then they would scold me until they couldn't scold me anymore. 

I reached the bus stop and waited for the bus. I took a seat but all I could do was cry. Some guy walks up but I pay no attention to him because why should I care right. All of a sudden I see his hand reach into his pocket and he hands me a napkin. The first thing that popped into my head was why was he carrying a napkin in his pocket. Talk about weird but I took it because I felt a little embarrassed that I was crying in front of this stranger. I thanked him but he didn't even look at me. Rude right.

The next day, I felt even more sad because of the scolding from my parents. I saw the guy again but this time he sat next to me and I finally saw his face. I knew him. He went to my school. He introduced himself. His name was Sam and I told him my name was Destiny. He made a joke and said maybe it was our destiny that we met each other. we got to talking and we lost track of time. he made me smile and feel a lot better.

I kept seeing him and after a couple of days, we really hit it off and we became really good friends and a couple of months after that we had started dating. I know it was little fast but I don't know, we just connected with each other. My sadness immediately went into happiness because he made sure I was never sad again and he helped me in subjects I was failing in.

Although we have been dating for four months, I wasn't ready for him to meet my parents but I just had to tell my sister. We are so close we tell each other everything. When I told her she was so happy. She even told me that she had met someone who also made her happy. We both were so happy and we decided that whenever we were ready to tell our parents about our boyfriends we would bring them both at the same time.

A year passed and Sam really wanted to meet my parents but I still wasn't ready but my little sister talked me into it and we both agreed that we would bring both our boyfriends to our parents. For some reason my gut was telling me something was going to go wrong and that something would happen and it would change everything.


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