This is a story about a married couple but her husband is a alcoholic she’s trying to get him to stop drinking too much alcohol �� but he never pays any attention to what she has to say he just gets abusive towards her when all she’s trying to do is control their relationship but they still love each other


5. A helpful chat

When Cass got to work Callie was already there hi your early Cass told her. So how did it go with you and Cole last night I heard you two shouting at each other want to talk about it Callie asked her. Well he has been drinking over the limit and he won’t seem to see the way I do about quitting Cass told her. Why don’t you tell him that he needs to see a doctor Cass have you tried talking to him when both of you guys are free Callie asked her. I told him in the morning that we have to talk later or I won’t give him what he wants Callie. Hmm looks like he’s the type of guy who doesn’t mind having sex in the morning Dexter hardly seems up for it you should count yourself lucky that he wants to does that in the morning Cass. Yeah but him and his alcoholic problem it’s going tomorrow far. Do you want me to tell Dexter to have a chat with him for you Cass Callie asked her. No that will make things worser then they already are but thanks anyway.


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