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༺Giving up is one thing and relentlessly trying and falling down is another.༻
Hi, Mochi here I'm a bit slow on publishing and writing story very unmotivational.

  • 『мσcнι』
    Prodigious story...bravo! Actually I like this one now xD update if you have time. Going to add this to my list.
    When Predators Become Prey
    When Predators Bec...
    The dead have begun to rise as mindless zombies but there is something different about these ones. They remember the ones that killed them. The undead horde has begun to move. They will spread their curse...
    3 years ago
    Take you time xD don't feel rushed. I'm really into the story.
    Black Beast
    3 years ago
    Well I'm glad you like it. :)
    3 years ago
    ^-^ haha
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