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HELLO!!!! My name is Lexie (its really Alexus but I like my nickname). I am 16, and I love writing. I have 5 younger siblings who give me a lot of my story plots. Well I use them in my stories. I hope you like my writing. I am sorry if I don't post a lot or I am having a rough day... I recently lost my best friend in a car accident... His name was (still is and will always be) Shane. Just look up "SUV plows over Ferndale students." Yeah my school... its sad. BUT HAPPY TIME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope ya'll like my work! *Mwah!*

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    Hey guys. The reason I havent been posting is I just recently lost my best friend... He was hit by a car and died. So, its been hard. Hope to post again soon.
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    I am reading The City Of Bones and UGH what even!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like, Jace and Clary what is going on there!?
    And in the Replacement, Tate and Mackie are gonna have sex it looks like! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!
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    Hey all so I just got into counseling, which is FANTASTIC for me!
    I am also doing more Vlogs
    and I have started singing more. Hope life keeps going up for me and my family.
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    I wanna find out what happens!!!!
    Health Class **HIATUS**
    Health Class **HIA...
    At Reese's school to be pregnant in your Senior year of school is normal, to be a young mother is a must before even considering College, or anything past Senior year at all. Almost every school less than...
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