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Wow ok it's been a long time since I've been on this site Cx
A lot has changed, tbh..
So I figured I'd fill you all in a little bit.

My name is Amanda, and I first joined Movellas a few years back, at a very bad point in my life.
I met a lot of great people who will continue to hold a milestone.. And then I left without much of a reason why.
My personality has changed quite a bit, and my interests have, as well.

For instance; I am no longer a Directioner (oops, fangirls dont come kill me) Cx
I fell into the gaming world and am a hard-core Nintendo girl, and I play a couple PC games as well.

I plan to start writing again fairly soon, but not as much as I once did since I am a full time student and soon will be preparing for college (00f).
Shoot me an inbox message at any point if we were friends in the past, sorry if I don't quite remember you, though x3

Instagram: xmxndx.xo
Wattpad: xmxndx_xo
Discord: Ultimate Procrastinator#1284
Steam: horrorgamesaddict3 (I made that account 2 years ago, shut up about the username)

If you play Danganronpa or have a dog, we can be best friends.

Protect LGBTQ Youth // 2017

by , Monday September 25, 2017

Don't lose site of who you are. 

In the blink of an eye, our hearts slowly died, as we felt our pulse forty-nine times. 

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    Have a read xxx
    This chapter was done by my gf, larrysbum28, on Ao3.

    Started With A Follow [ Ao3 ][ Taken from my girlfriend and I's Ao3 accounts, this book is co-authored by her and I - @LarryIsStillTheOne & @larrysbum28 on Ao3 ] "We'll meet each...

    All the love. A.
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    @#Vampire in training thank you so much ! xxx
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    Mind if I give this book a shout-out ? I found it very helpful !
    How to Get Readers on Movellas
    How to Get Readers...
    This is more like a guide for getting readers on Movellas. I really haven't used this website for a long time but here is what I know so far.
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