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"Music is my drug, and the only drug I'll ever need. When music inspires me, how could I live without it? There is a song for every mood possible, and it's the soundtrack to my life. If I didn't have music, then I don't know how I could survive. Music is the only thing that can make me feel better, or let me know that someone else knows exactly how I feel. Writing is like a drug to me as well, but without music, I couldn't write. Basically, what I'm saying is that music is life."

- Cerise Redwood

  • Cerise Redwood
    FINALLY someone who isn't doing 1D or Bieber!! Great stuff :)
    Nobody's Hero
    Nobody's Hero
    This is my fan fiction about a girl who falls in love with Andy Biersack from Black Veil Brides, my obsession.
    Annie Biersack
    8 years ago
    Thanks a lot! :D
    I hate Bieber and 1D
    Black Veil Brides are my heroes :')
  • Cerise Redwood
    Wow, this is incredible. Can't wait for the next chapter liked, favourited and fanned :) x
    Don't Say A Word.
    Don't Say A Word.
    Isabelle York is an extraordinary girl, with a flaw that sets her apart.
    8 years ago
    Thanks so much!
  • Cerise Redwood
    I agree completely sign me up as well!
    The Fight Against Erotica
    The Fight Against...
    Movellas is currently being polluted with stories which are breaking the rules. The worst thing? There's so many most of them are getting away with it. If you are also not happy about this, read this....
    8 years ago
    Thanks for your support! :D
  • Cerise Redwood
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    wow, this is amazing! very interesting storyline, cant wait for the next chapter! liked and favourited :) x
    All Amelia did was skip school and now a whole other world she never knew existed is baying for her blood. And the only person willing to help her is an ancient assassin.
    Nadra Saba
    8 years ago
    Thank you, hope you have enjoyed the reading the rest as much as you enjoyed reading the previous chapters! :)
  • Cerise Redwood
    wow bells, this is really good. your use of description is briliant, and I can really picture it. I hope you do well in the competition - good luck! :D xx
    Hallows Eve
    Hallows Eve
    A poem about Karma taking its toll on people who deserve it. For the Halloween competition.
    Bells Hunter
    8 years ago
    Thanks a lot Cerise :)
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