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In case you couldn't tell, I'm lesbian. Nothing interesting here. Don't waste your time on me. Okie byeeeee!


by , Wednesday October 28, 2020
As I dig the blade into my skin and pull, feeling the flesh tear like paper, I sit back and observe my work. What seems like hundreds of deep, red gashes decorate my body and ooze blood, which drips soundlessly onto the tile floor of my bathroom. I watch as the drops that seemed so dull in color on my skin fall to the floor, creating a vibrant red pattern, looking like a splatter painting. It's funny how once something leaves my body, it suddenly....

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  • Oh Deer I'm Queer

    mumbled "FRICCIN WEIRD YALL"

    Okay, so a few months ago, me and my brother had the exact same dream on the exact same night. A couple weeks after I had the dream, he started talking about a dream he had, and it matched mine exactly, detail for detail. I thought, 'maybe I'd already told him, I just forgot'. So I asked him if he was repeating my dream, and he looked at me, all confused, and said "What dream? You never told me about a dream". With my brother, it's pretty obvious when he's lying. He wasn't.
    A couple nights ago, me and my best friend had the same dream about one of our old friends, Logan, coming back. He left us towards the end of last year. He ghosted us for two months, then had one of his friends tell us he wanted nothing to do with us anymore. Anyway, dreams about him are very common for me. They always consist of me and my best friend hanging out, then Logan comes up to us and says something along the lines of "I miss you guys. I made a mistake, and life has been hell since I left. I hope you can forgive me, but it's okay if you don't. Maybe we can even be friends again". It's always agonizing how much he looks and sounds like him.
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