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    Thank you soo much for replying and i also want to thank you for writing these for us because i mean u could have done something else but you chooses to do this so thank you it means a lot to me that u r doing this!!!
    4 years ago
    Aw ❤️ ILYSM ���� THNK U FOR READING AND I'm glad you like what I write :))))))
  • Cliffords_Magical_Unicorn
    I really like this book already so please update often.....if you want i wont make you...
    •A purpose in life•(L.R.H)
    •A purpose in life...
    . She lived all alone in a huge house .She never ate because she didn't want to get fat and she cut herself day after day. She let in whatever anyone said just to show herself how horrible she was....
    4 years ago
    I just updated and tomorrow I will update again already got some chapters ready
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