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I love reading and writing.

  • Megan_Hemmings
    I cried like a baby.. I can relate to this book so much... Well not the 5seconds of summer part but u can with the losing my dad self harm losing all my friends and pushing everyone away.. Please update soon I love it so much :)
    Wherever You Are
    Wherever You Are
    Marisa James, is a sixteen year old who fell in love with Luke Hemmings. Best friends since birth and dated until one day they had to break it off because his band were going on tour. What happens when...
    Sexting 5sos
    6 years ago
    Oh my god:'( I'm sorry but in glad someone relates to this because I know someone out there just needs it. If you need to talk then message me because I love you and so does 5sos even if they don't know you. :)
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