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17, actually. And I'm super excited! 5SOS IS LIFE!!!!

  • daddyslilbunny
    Title: Crying for help
    Author: daddyslilbunny
    Blurb: Tatiana was always known as a bit of an outcast. She never talked to anyone. Never tried to reach out to her family at any time. She kept to herself, and that's how she liked it. But what if home is the only place that she can protect herself from those attempting to kill her....her own mind? Momma always did say "There's no place like home....."
    Quote!!!!: There's no place like home...
    Ideas: I kinda want it dark. It's supposed to be like a supernatural murder mystery. If you're still doing them, that is
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  • daddyslilbunny

    mumbled "FREAKING OUT!!!!"

    So today, I went searching for prices on tickets for the concert in October for 5SOS....I'M GETTING $167 TO GET VIP TICKETS!!!! Like, guys!!!! Do you realize what this means?!?! I can finally find something to look forward to!!!!!! I'm gonna cry. Fr Fr
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